While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

Break from 30 blogs

on February 27, 2014

I know umm you arent a regular blogger anyways…lol shut it. lol 

I wanted to post a sweet little owl lovie I made for a little friend we have who is turning one! 

Photo: Had a nice morning sewing an Owl Lovie for our little friend Ellie who is turning one next month

Isnt it so cute! Heres the part I’m most excited about I’ve never worked with Minky (I think thats what its called) material and it was ok. no tears. no ripping out stitches. amazing.I hate when I have had multiple projects back to back that I”ve had to rip out stitches and get so frustrated I just want to throw my machine across the room. this little owl has restored my faith and bug to sew again.  🙂 

Which is good because guess what we are having??? A baby girl!!! yay!!

we had a little gender reveal party with friends here in town to announce our pink news! My husband did an awesome job on the cake! (Thats my handwriting not a font..its not always the prettiest handwriting so I was totally flattered when someone asked it was a font. :))

It was like pinterest threw up in our house for our get together but it was so much fun! The kids even opened the box of pink balloons and were excited.

With that being said I am a little nervous about being mom of three and staying home for a short time since daycare is threw the roof and moving back to a familiar city. I’m excited for the change and growth but change always makes me anxious. 

Anyways just a short glimpse at our life currently. Hopefully more regular blogging 🙂 

Have a great day! You are loved!




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