While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

Break from 30 blogs

I know umm you arent a regular blogger anyways…lol shut it. lol 

I wanted to post a sweet little owl lovie I made for a little friend we have who is turning one! 

Photo: Had a nice morning sewing an Owl Lovie for our little friend Ellie who is turning one next month

Isnt it so cute! Heres the part I’m most excited about I’ve never worked with Minky (I think thats what its called) material and it was ok. no tears. no ripping out stitches. amazing.I hate when I have had multiple projects back to back that I”ve had to rip out stitches and get so frustrated I just want to throw my machine across the room. this little owl has restored my faith and bug to sew again.  🙂 

Which is good because guess what we are having??? A baby girl!!! yay!!

we had a little gender reveal party with friends here in town to announce our pink news! My husband did an awesome job on the cake! (Thats my handwriting not a font..its not always the prettiest handwriting so I was totally flattered when someone asked it was a font. :))

It was like pinterest threw up in our house for our get together but it was so much fun! The kids even opened the box of pink balloons and were excited.

With that being said I am a little nervous about being mom of three and staying home for a short time since daycare is threw the roof and moving back to a familiar city. I’m excited for the change and growth but change always makes me anxious. 

Anyways just a short glimpse at our life currently. Hopefully more regular blogging 🙂 

Have a great day! You are loved!



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Blog 9: 10 people who have influenced you & describe how..

Hi Friends
well..preschool is a hit. my kids love it. I’m thankful that they are excited to learn and are waking up ready to go. I love that I hear them saying scriptures through out the day at home too! Makes it a lot easier to work full time knowing that what they are learning at school is what we are focusing on at home as well.

So 10 people how have influenced me…
1. My parents/Family: I am blessed to have a mom and dad who made sure we never went with out. They worked hard, and still work hard. Was life always perfect at the McCafferty house growing up, umm…sure. haha..no but we do have great memories and great bond. I hope I am as great of a parent and grandparent that they are. This year they celebrated 32 years of marriage which is so rare in our society. I know its something they have worked for. While many people have come into my life that I admire and would deem “role-model” they are my heroes and ultimate role models. I am thankful that God gave me to them. I am thankful for my siblings too and awesome grandparents!

2. The Wescotts: Not to many people can say they love their in-laws. But I do. I was so nervous when I got married because you hear all the horror stories. All I can remember from my wedding was instant relief as we listened to our parents and siblings laughing so hard playing Taboo. They are some of the most welcome, generous, loving people I have met. I have never felt like their daughter in law just their daughter. I have always wanted older brothers…not sure I ever thought up Seth and Thad. I can hear Thad saying..How could have ever thought up such greatness…so full of himself..lol. But they are wonderful Brother-In-Laws and Uncles and great brothers to Tyler and me.

3. My Youth Pastor: I have to give props to Sis. T for putting up with all of us as teenagers. She took us to events, she met up for Starbucks, gave up weekends to hang out with teenagers, took us to camp, all while being mom and wife. She lived her life out in front of us. I admire her faith and she was very influential in who I am today. I hope I am able to impact lives the way she did mine.

4. Calicinto Ranch: How could you live somewhere for 2 years and not have it be influential? This was one of those interesting times in my life right after being saturated for 4 years at Bible College and then kinda thrust into real life you have to discovered who are you without Chapel, Bible Classes every moment of the day. The Pirelli Family was a wonderful example of the body of Christ and so many mentors, board members, dream builders, Pastors, youth groups who poured into my life as much as we did theirs will never be forgotten. I am thankful for all of the campers that crossed my path and reminded me I have so much to be thankful for and such a responsibility. I am thankful for Wrangler Pals that still keep in touch and their friendships are definitely life lasting.

5. SAGU: I have to lump a bunch of folks under SAGU..otherwise we would be here for days..literally. lol. So many great people, friends, professors, and friends from the community of Waxahachie that I met through Cornerstone. I am so proud to be a LION and Waxahachie is definitely one of the places I feel at home. I would be totally fine if we found our home there one day.

6. My SAGU girls…ok these can’t be lumped together. Heather, Christine, Ashley, Stef…I love that we can meet once a year after living every moment of our lives together and its like nothing has changed…oh maybe it has a bit. Kids husbands different continents and states. whats a little change among friends? 🙂 You show me and continue to show me what true Godly friendship is. I hope my children find friends like you.

7. The Dalrymples: To know this family is to love this family. I think I was so blessed to have them in my life as a whole while I was in high school. I do not make friends easily. SHOCKER, I know for those who truly know me. I still struggle with it as an adult. I’ve gotten better..kinda. I am thankful that God gave me my friend Braden. I am blessed to still be so thankful for his friendship and that of his beautiful wife Kacie. So many fun memories and lessons learned from his parents about how to serve the Lord and overcoming fear of not being enough for the Lord to use you. I wish we lived closer so our kids could be friends and I could enjoy some chips and salsa on the counter with a life long friend when things go crazy.

8. First AG New Caney Family: Pretty sure all my childhood memories take place there, a good amount of them. Even though there was a season when I swore I would never go back there, I am thankful that there is healing that for all the exciting plans the Lord has for this body of believers. I pray the children and youth growing there find true genuine friendships, memories, mentors, and a love for the Lord.

9. New Bethel Assembly/The Bensons: One of the few places that I have found to be comfortable as home. I am thankful that Stef invited us to attend with her and we found friends and a place to learn and serve the Lord. I still have notes from Pastors sermons and I think I really learned principles that I always heard but was able to apply them to my life in a real way. Oh my Dawn. How I love her. She is someone you can just be yourself with. I am thankful she always makes you feel like you are the most important person when you visit. Her passion for loving and serving Jesus is contagious. When Hanna broke her arm we were able to visit with her more this summer. Hanna loves her so much..shes call her…her sister! haha!!! I am excited for the new Grace Place and wish we could be a part.

10…hmmm last but not least..the love and hero of my life – My husband! Hes my greatest encourager, my most favorite person in the world (besides H & K). Greatest friend I have EVER had.. and I have some pretty awesome friends. He shows me how Jesus loves me. So selfless and generous. I learn from him daily. I am thankful to take on life and all of its challenges with him, and together I think we can conquer anything.

I’m sure I will think of a million others or someone will read it and say hey..what about.. These are the top 10 that came to my mind. I’m sure they will evolve over the years. I’m sure Jackie Graves could make this list or LFA family but those who folks who are in the making now and these are people who have helped get me to where I am today.

Gotta get some lunch for the kiddos
Happy Saturday

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Blog 8: What are 5 passions you have

Good thing I switched from it being days to blogs huh? Turns out life is busy. I’ve been picking up more hours and this September will be going back to being store Assistant Manager. Then the glorious month of OCTOBER! 🙂 Fall brings good things it really does.

So what are 5 things I am passionate about..

1. Motherhood: Although there are days when I want to run screaming they are far and few. Its a joy to be H & K’s momma. I would even be ok with them having a little brother and/or sister. It shocks me when I see how some parents are so lackadaisical ($5 word of the day) in their parenting. We have a friend who has children at her house all the time who the parents have never come to meet her, or introduced themselves. What? My most important job is to protect, nurture, guide my children in the way they should go. I enjoy investing in them and having them learn new things. Watching their character and personalities. Instilling good character traits and morals in them. I hope they see how much God loves us by how much we love them. I am thankful that God has entrusted them to my care. What a precious gift. Am I a perfect parent….by NO means but I hope I’m always learning and growing from those who have been doing it longer than me. 


2. My relationship with Jesus Christ. I used to say I don’t have a testimony when I would listen to all people give accounts of the things that God had delivered them from. What I didn’t realize is that in itself is a testimony. Oh what Grace for God to watch over me while I was a child and bring my mom to a church where people would invest in me so I could have a relationship with him. To have the support of my family to attend a Christian University without persecution to study whatever I choose. Wake up each Sunday go with my family to worship without any fear. God has been so gracious to us. He loves us and I hope my life and my family portray that to everyone we come in contact with. Its not religion its relationship. 

3. Creating. I love all things artsy. I’m not the best but its definitely something that takes me to a happy place lol. 

4. My marriage. I never thought I would find a man as wonderful as mine. I thank God for him daily and will do everything to protect the unity that we have. 

5. Learning. There is always something new out there. Turns out, we don’t know it all 🙂


What am I not passionate about? Laundry! and its calling my name!

Have a happy Monday. My kiddos are starting K2 and K4 tomorrow..say a prayer for this momma 🙂

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30 things my kids should know about me: Day 1


I am starting a blog pinterest inspired series for the next 30 days..I hope you enjoy!

The first day is: 20 Random Facts about me

1. I love Thanksgiving. Like more than Christmas and I tried to convince your dad that we should have our wedding on Thanksgiving Day…but apparently no one would come to our wedding. My love buys me a “Thanksgiving Present” each year. Each year in college my best Heather and I decorated our room in – Thanksgiving Awareness theme. But I enjoy thanksgiving the most because its a holiday that makes us remember how blessed we are and how good God is. 

2. I can drive a stick shift.

3. Hazelnut Coffee Creamer and doughnuts are perfection. Not only because its YUM but it causes me to remember Tuesday mornings at Calicinto Ranch with the Dream Builders, some of the most amazing guys I have ever met. 

4. I love getting my nails and toes done. Pure selfishness. Its relaxing and its pretty.

5. I have an issue called..hangry. When I am hungry, I get angry and I’m pretty much the most horrible person to be around. Its ugly, and I know it.

6. I wish I could remember all the words to songs and who sings them but because of my children..I have no memory so I just make up my own words. 🙂 and often I am made fun of. I’m ok with it.

7. Im a control freak. I am trying to be better about it. Really I am. Its. Just. So. Hard.

8. I am terrified of the dentist like make me wanna vomit at the thought of going there.

9.  I know people don’t think I am an outdoor person but..I love being outdoors and I love camping. I can’t wait to take my children camping and start making some amazing memories.

10. I have never wanted to make someone elses dreams come true the way that I hope yours do.

11. I love to have socks on. Mostly when I sleep. 

12. Costume jewlery like..from the $1 jewelry shop..is a total weakness. We might as well add sunglasses in there as well.

13. I hope we visit every state before I die

14. There is a significant amount of metal in me ,lol and I can usually tell you when it will rain. 

15. Chocolate is the way to your mother heart…

16. When I was younger I thought 4th of July fireworks were for my birthday. 

17. I love to watch Food Shows…I am a horrible cook

18. I would love to adopt a child one day. Everyone deserves a family

19. Peanut Butter is a gift straight from God.

20. It never crossed my mind that I would be in a military family, or married to a soldier. I am thankful for all that the ARMY does for our family and it has caused me to have a deeper respect for our country and those who have served and laid down their lives. 


🙂 This could be fun. See ya tomorrow

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Safe and Sound

Great news, my husband is at his new “home” safe and sound.  And my life is busy….lol

I love my children, but I have a new appreciation for all that my love does. My kiddos miss him too. My little girl Hanna was telling me that she missed him on our way to our Thursday playgroup and I told her that it was ok to miss daddy and he would come home as soon as he could, but until then we have to put on our brave smile. She grinned and said..I have 2 smiles mommy! : ) It made my heart melt. 

Of course we still have some rough moments (bedtime mostly!) but we are doing good. Thanks to great friends and family.

Here are some things we did to help prepare our kids for daddy “going to work”:

– We made sweet dream pillows with fabric markers

2 Daddy dolls were give to our kiddos..

3. They made picture books with daddy

OTjpegangle  and another called I am here for you now

4 We recorded my husband saying our bedtime prayer on my phone..its been used several times at bedtime

5. Lots of photos around the house of our daddy : )

My goal is to keep blogging. We were blessed with a new camera to take photos while Tyler is away but being mom to my BUSY toddlers seems to have taken over my life slightly. Were working on a routine : ) 

Hope everyone has a great week!!


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Monster Hat Link Love

So my husband wants me to see if I can make a monster hat, after seeing some at The Children’s Place.

Here is some inspiration..Hopefully I’ll be sharing mine soon, but until then something to wet your whistle

and it has a free pattern…SCORE! http://www.theboytrifecta.com/2011/10/crochet-monster-hat-pattern.html

Silly Monster Earflap Hat Crochet Pattern (Permission to sell all finished products)

http://www.etsy.com/listing/62409531/silly-monster-earflap-hat-crochet – The Fuzzy Noggin (what a cute name)

Monster Hat Crochet Pattern - BRONSTER & MISSY - 104 --- Permission to Sell Finished Items

http://www.etsy.com/listing/67146978/monster-hat-crochet-pattern-bronster EmieGraceCreations

little monster hat


Nugget Baby Beanies

Baby Monster Hathttp://www.etsy.com/listing/89037405/baby-monster-hat?ref=sr_gallery_38&ga_search_query=monster+hat&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_ship_to=ZZ&ga_min=0&ga_max=0&ga_search_type=all


I think I’m a fan of the more silly looking monsters than the scary ones…we shall see what I come up with and if Kyle will actually keep it on his noggin : )

Hope you had a great weekend


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faith trust and pixie dust

Well we celebrated Hanna Banana’s birthday early so that my dad and husband could be a part since they will be working when she actually turns the big golden 3!

Tyler made Hanna’s cake! I think it looked awesome. It was funfetti and strawberry. We used little plastic figures from a book her grandma got her and it worked out great:


He’s always so hard on himself and I think he does an awesome job! Here’s Hanna’s other birthday cakes hes done:


The traditional 1 and we had a very fall themed party at the pumpkin patch in Chickasha Oklahoma: Red Silo Farms..http://www.redsiloproductions.com/home.html amazing place!

Hanna’s 2nd birthday, OWL Themed..whoo whoo is turning 2! It was very fun.

This year I had planned to do Bubbles and Chalk like at Hanna’s 2 year old party but..it was dark and gloomy! Yikes..so we switched plans and planned to make fairy wings (which was very appealing to little girls) However..I should have used cardboard instead of poster board. Thanks to our friend Amber and her mad hot gluing skills.

My mom also made balloon animals, and balloon ray guns and hats. They were pretty excited about that. I think it lived up to all that she had been hoping for in her little 2-almost-3 year old heart. Kyle got her a new Tinkerbell movie and while they were watching it Hanna looked over at Kye and told him “you picked a good one brother” 🙂 melts my heart!

We also got great news from Hanna’s eye doctor that her vision has been improved by wearing her glasses! I’m so proud of Hanna for being so diligent in wearing her glasses and taking care of them. Also extremely thankful for a great doctor. It takes us 1 1/2 hours to get there and we are never there longer than 20-30 minutes wait time included. They are truly professionals. 

Life has been so blessed at the Wescott House! I haven’t had a ton of hours at work so I’ve been putting some more efforts in my ETSY shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/Whileyouwerenapping?ref=si_shop and had several orders this week. Which is so encouraging. I’ve also been able to attend stuff at church like the Ladies Bible Study and a Mom’s group. We’ve had to change our budget some and its taking some adjusting but we’re getting a routine. I’m thankful to have an amazing husband, I know I say it quite a bit but I truly am blessed.

Welp..Mr Kyle is awake !!

Hugs, Amanda


crazy girl

crazy crazy kids. lol

so tye is in the field for a MONTH..which isn’t all that bad. a little more work but since I’m only working part time, its much more manageable. Last year when he was in the field, I gave my keys to Hanna to keep her quiet while I loaded up the car at WalMart, the wind blew the door shut and Hanna hit the lock button. Yep, her and her infant brother during summer locked in the car. Needless to say I had to call the police department and they had to bust out my window.

So here we were Day 2 of this field problem and we decided to go to the Spray Park, a little water park they have on post. Sounds innocent enough. We got there and the water smelled horrible, so they had to turn off the pump and we decided to have lunch (we met up with our friends). Well we went back in and I was so worried about Kyle because he had already bumped his head, and was insisting on climbing on the bench when I heard Hanna’s blood curdling cry..and then I saw blood gushing and I could see into her chin. ew.

Thankfully, our friend took Kyle and I headed to the ER with Hanna. Of course my military ID is expired. Of course, procrastination has finally caught up with us. But they were actually really nice about it, I was expecting a lecture. Anyways, Tyler just happen to be getting gas on post so he popped in to give her a kiss. 

She was calm and collective until they called her back to do the take your stats stuff, but then the nurse wanted to see the “owie”….oh dear Lord.  I should add that Hanna kept pointing at the lady who took her temperature and offered a band-aid saying the most vindictive two year old voice…”I no like her”…yi yi yi..this child! She wanted to talk to daddy right away, but we couldn’t get him so she decided she need to talk to her “had” (her Uncle Thad)…oh the things we do to make our Hanna happy. 

Eventually, two doctors came out in to the waiting room, scanned it, saw Hanna and said, oh thats her… (she was playing with a color app on my phone). The younger doctor looked and said, oh yeah, we can glue her up? don’t ya think doc?…lol. Yes, please “glue up” my child. Actually I was so relieved because anyone who had gone to inspect the chin made her scream, I couldn’t imagine if she actually had to have stiches…so  After wrestling and holding down my child and a 2 hour ER visit, she was all glued up and ready to go…covered in stickers and she even scored one for her brother.

Photo: Mad oh so mad

She wasn’t really in a picture mood. You can’t even see where she fell.. She was so brave though for being 2. No accidents. She kept asking where her brother was. She sure does love her Kye Kye.

Last night she had to go to timeout….I went to do something in the kitchen. I looked over..there was Kyle with the same expression glaring at me. lol SO cute and funny. I fear when they get older and get in trouble lol. 

They have been so good though really for how little they are and not being able to fully understand why dad’s not able to be here right now. 

Photo: Me and my sweeties

sure do love these sweet crazy kids!


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10 months

my baby is 10 months.

how did this happen? and so quickly may I add.

He now claps (especially when you sing if you’re happy and you know it). He also waves bye bye. I was beginning to think that he may be the toothless wonder but low and behold, hit nine months, first tooth! And today I can see numbers 2 & 3 coming in. He is such a joy. Some of his favorite adventures are pulling up on everything, playing in the electronic cabinets, and crawling as fast as he can do his little worm crawl to the back bathroom. : ) He sure does make his momma’s heart so happy

And to brag on Hanna, most days, she stays dry! [insert angelic choir here]. We are still a work in progress. She also thinks that she can use..Oh I gotta pee to get out of bed when its bedtime. She runs and gives me hugs when she visits at work, or when I get home that just melts my heart. She is very interested in tea parties and frogs. If you ask who her best friend is she says “Cowl” (Kyle) and sometimes she varies it to her buddy Sissie. 🙂  She is constantly asking to call “pawpaw” and Amy. Loves puppies and occasionally has started adding “had’s puppy?” [my brother in laws, amazing dog Lycan] She can almost spell her name..She was coloring the other day and I asked her..how do you spell Hanna …so she grabs a marker and starts: “H [pronounced with a ch sound at the end], N, N, N, N, N, N,…A! : ) Needless to say, we are still working on it

I recently made a list of 30 things I would like to do before I turn 30…I’ve already accomplish some of them. Nothing crazy just things if I don’t write them down..well I’ll never do them. Here are some things I’ve already accomplished:

1. Convince Tyler to make a PICAKEN

2 Get a haircut

Focus more on the cute baby (who needed a nap but had a sister who desperately needed to get some energy out so she too would nap)

I will post more to come. : )

One of my goals is to also invest some more time into my Etsy shop. So if you get a minute, stop by if you have any suggestions or creative ideas, let me know!! http://www.etsy.com/shop/Whileyouwerenapping?ref=si_shop

Hope everyone is having a great week!!


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