While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

check out this beauty..and these other ones too!

I know its been a while. But she finally arrived. This is the newest little napper at our house 🙂 Miss Mikaela. She is a wonderful sweet baby..came 11 days after her due date. Hence no blogs…no one should blog that pregnant and uncomfortable for fear of what may come out of her fingers. I had a blog all typed up but..I clicked the “x” instead of save. I was to tired at the time to re-type it.

M and her great grandma “nan-naw” 🙂 (Mikaela is great grand #8) I love this woman so much, and I am truly thankful that she comes to visit my kiddos. I’m so thankful my husband also has a wonderful grandmother who I cant wait to meet little Mikaela.

This week my husband and kiddos are with family. His beautiful Aunt was laid to rest after a 14 month battle with cancer. I’m thankful that they are able to be with his mom and family. I think kids are healing. They are perfect snugglers and remind us of all that is good in the world. Mine personally remind me to live life to the fullest. We are only here once after all. There are BUNCH of cute kiddos in our family. LOTS of healing. I’m sure Mary is smiling down watching over them.

So needless to say the house is VERY quiet…and I”m able to blog. I am enjoying being a mom of 3 and being able to just be with them. I have been putting in some new things in my ETSY shop. https://www.etsy.com/shop/Whileyouwerenapping

0-3 month Ready to Ship Mom Tattoo Crochet Beanie

More cute stuff coming soon 🙂


Here are few other shops you might enjoy 🙂


My favorite sign in her shop is this one

Wooden "Keep the Change" sign with a quilted canning jar

How cute! and Smart…I might be the culprit of things left in pockets at our house. I love that she also gives a percentage to a special cause. 


Another crafty friend who I love to see updates from is The Cantaloupe Crate (what a cute name huh?) https://www.facebook.com/thecantaloupecrate

Photo: Going through pictures the other day, I ran across this one from a few months back that I never shared. This was a wedding gift for one of my best friends in the world! {36inX12in}

um super cute right? And she has a physical location inside The Vineyards Antique Mall in Colleyville! Shannon finds some beautiful antiques. I have never thought of myself as someone who would want or enjoy antiques until she posted some beautiful dishes, we might have to make a stop on our next Ft. Worth/Dallas adventure. Beautiful stuff! 


A product that I have recently discovered that I will have to be trying out soon is Jamberry. Its Nail Decals. I have a little 4 year old who is obsessed..I mean adores painting her little nails. Its messy, smelly, and I have to redo it in like a day. I tried a sample a few months back and I literally changed the polish for like 2 weeks and that little accent nail was standing strong. Color me impressed. Check them out…its about the same price as a manicure. http://www.jamberrynails.com

Welp I need to feed and snuggle a really cute baby 🙂 What are some of YOUR favorite things?


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a few of my favorite things

so we  are in El Paso…cricket cricket..yes its not that exciting to me either.

I am enjoying this time with my two big kids before the little one comes..we are 6 days out from Due Day..however I was told not to plan on her coming on time. Good old encouraging doctor. We have some days we would like to suggest as a birthday: 7/4..fireworks automatically every birthday, amazing! 7/6 I would love to share my birthday, 7/7 would be cool cause 7/7/14 (7+7=14..my son is 4+7=11), 7/8…her actual due date which would make her my favorite. 🙂 If they have to induce they said as a hospital they don’t until 41 weeks and 3 days…Tyler’s birthday is 4 days after that so he said well just keep her in until the 22…as one of my sweet friends said earlier..”oh so he wants you to birth a toddler” I laughed so hard. 

Funny story..So I’ve never had my water break on its own but since we are staying with family I have had this fear its going to break in a bed or on a rug that doesn’t belong to me. How embarrassing would that be…mortifying. Well the other night I was really hot when I went to sleep, I woke up and my pants were soaked..I kept thinking man I would think if my water broke I would feel it,There would have to be some type of significant movement to break it right? Did I just wet the bed..oh my goodness. Thankfully I felt this little movement on my back..apparently Hanna came in our bed in the middle of the night. Well I don’t know if Id use the word Thankfully but It was definitely her and not me. Not exactly how I wanted to start the day at 6am but I got lots done. lol …preparing me for waking up super early all the time right? 

So I know she will come in her own time. In the mean time I am enjoying…story time at the local library and the splash pool. Along with the hilarious things my kids have come up. Being a stay at home mom for this short period is fulfilling and exhausting all at the same time. Probably because I am huge and yet this is the less amount of weight I have gained during any pregnancy. Kinda proud of myself. 

In the mean time I’ve also been crocheting and enjoying Blogs..and pinterest. Its a dangerous world I live in folks. Here are few of my recent favorites.

http://www.mooglyblog.com/ Moogly Blog

She does cool round ups of free crochet patterns and projects. Kinda amazing. Heres are few of my favorites I’ve seen recently..

Bonbon Kisses Crochet Pouch! Free #crochet pattern from Mooglyblog.com


I made one and I’m just waiting to buy a clasp. Mine is all purple though, it was fun. I’m afraid its a little bit bigger but it fits my iphone and I kinda LOVE that. Since soon I will be throwing my cellphone and wallet in a diaper bag.

http://happyhooligans.ca/ Happy Hooligans

She has amazing outdoor activities for toddlers. We did this car wash idea the other day. My kids have asked to do it every time we go outside now. lol 

muddy car wash  - an awesome backyard muddy, water activity for kids

http://happyhooligans.ca/muddy-car-wash/ We did not do the MUD because I am not that brave.

if you have kids that are between the ages of 3-5 her facebook/pinterest/blog is totally worth followin

I hope you enjoy these two blogs, they really are amazing!!! I’m off to see what the screaming/giggling is about. 

Have a crafty Summer!! Hopefully soon I will have some photos of  sweet Mikaela should she decide to arrive.

I am updating my etsy shop with items that are ready to go! Be sure to check it out 🙂





the ending of an era

so Thursday I will be 32 weeks with sweet little Mikaela…wow..talk about time going by fast. Yesterday started to count down to the last few weeks in Lawton. When we first moved here I just knew I would hate it. Told Tyler no way I was making friends what was the point. Luckily God in all of His wisdom ignored what I thought was best.

I was able to find not only a job that was flexible with our military crazy schedule but had opportunity of advancement but also great co-workers and great customers. Today my District manager treated me to lunch as a good bye. I truly admire this lady both professionally and just as a person. I had a customer bring me an edible arrangement as a thank you for helping him find movies on Tuesdays. It was his birthday! A very sweet man who really has no one, never married, doesn’t have kids. I thought I was just doing my job and being nice.  There have been times when I thought how insignificant to work for a video chain but today was not one of them. It just goes to show if you are simply who you are, who you are designed to be no matter where you are you can make a significant change.

I also had lunch with some sweet girls who have stuck out some interesting times at the Vid. We are all pretty different but I know if I needed something they would be there. I have watched them from fresh out of high school, and one go from college to her dream teaching job. They have been a blessing to my life and I hope they know how thankful I am for them.

There are several more “see ya laters” to be said and I thought it would be easy. You know this is what we do as ARMY families but it doesn’t make it any easier. Thankful for technology and being able to stay connected. We would be lost without it. 

I also made myself do something a few years ago…I made myself go to a playgroup where I knew no one. Super out of my comfort zone, but thank goodness I did. I met some amazing ladies who are going to be very hard to say “see ya later ” too. They have been a support while Tyler was deployed and an encouragement just all the way around. I had lunch earlier with a sweet pastors wife who is simply beautiful inside and out. I know that God placed us at LFA and I am terrified we won’t find something comparable to it in El Paso but maybe its a season of letting us be those types of people for families who were like us when we came to Lawton. 

Just some random thoughts. A lot of sentimental thoughts, a lot of thanks to the Lord for people.

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Break from 30 blogs

I know umm you arent a regular blogger anyways…lol shut it. lol 

I wanted to post a sweet little owl lovie I made for a little friend we have who is turning one! 

Photo: Had a nice morning sewing an Owl Lovie for our little friend Ellie who is turning one next month

Isnt it so cute! Heres the part I’m most excited about I’ve never worked with Minky (I think thats what its called) material and it was ok. no tears. no ripping out stitches. amazing.I hate when I have had multiple projects back to back that I”ve had to rip out stitches and get so frustrated I just want to throw my machine across the room. this little owl has restored my faith and bug to sew again.  🙂 

Which is good because guess what we are having??? A baby girl!!! yay!!

we had a little gender reveal party with friends here in town to announce our pink news! My husband did an awesome job on the cake! (Thats my handwriting not a font..its not always the prettiest handwriting so I was totally flattered when someone asked it was a font. :))

It was like pinterest threw up in our house for our get together but it was so much fun! The kids even opened the box of pink balloons and were excited.

With that being said I am a little nervous about being mom of three and staying home for a short time since daycare is threw the roof and moving back to a familiar city. I’m excited for the change and growth but change always makes me anxious. 

Anyways just a short glimpse at our life currently. Hopefully more regular blogging 🙂 

Have a great day! You are loved!



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Blog 11: 10 Pet Peeves

Name 10 pet peeves you have….sounds like go ahead mom..rant! 


1. I hate when empty containers are left on the counter.

2. Chapped Lips….Im enduring this one as I type..so annoying

3. Not being able to live in one place and decorate or change  decorating..but on the flip side, we get to live in different places and see different places along the way and your dad has a great job so you win some you lose some..you get creative.

4. When my sock gets a hole in it..upside…New Socks! who doesn’t love that?

5. Having something sticky on my hands..or that smell of gas that is left on your hands after filling up the car..granted I haven’t had that smell on my hands for a while because my husband is AWESOME!

6. People who are rude for no apparent reason, or don’t even give you the chance to make a situation better….oh the things I have had to let go while at work. I guess sometimes people just need someone to be mad at.

7. wire hangers..why would you ever buy those

8. When I tell someone I really dont like broccoli and they tell me to just be an adult and eat it..um, no. I really don’t like it I’m not just being childish, ok thanks. You eat it weirdo.

9..making a list of 10 pet peeves ..haha although I’ll walk away and think of a dozen more

Thats all I got…I guess on the list of things you remember about me i hope its not what was your moms pet peeves…quirks maybe? silly things I did? 


Either way…You are probably going to get some of these too!! OH genetics!

Love you 3 more than you know



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Blog 10: your most embarrassing moment

So we’ve been out for a while. A LOT has gone on…
My sweet husband is home from deployment! We also learned we are adding to our family. Today we are 14 weeks pregnant. Work has been crazy, holidays were good. We are blessed. That’s the quick version.

My most embarrassing moment…you want me to pick just one?? When I was little I jumped off a table when getting a shot and wrapped my legs around my pregnant mother while said shot
Hung out of my booty. 🙂
Broke a really nice Pyrex glass pan my mother in law loves on Christmas sending the glass into the delicious meatballs she had just made.
The list goes on… Just remember life happens. The good the bad and the embarrassing take what you can learn from it and move on 🙂

Love you 3! More than you know

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Blog 9: 10 people who have influenced you & describe how..

Hi Friends
well..preschool is a hit. my kids love it. I’m thankful that they are excited to learn and are waking up ready to go. I love that I hear them saying scriptures through out the day at home too! Makes it a lot easier to work full time knowing that what they are learning at school is what we are focusing on at home as well.

So 10 people how have influenced me…
1. My parents/Family: I am blessed to have a mom and dad who made sure we never went with out. They worked hard, and still work hard. Was life always perfect at the McCafferty house growing up, umm…sure. haha..no but we do have great memories and great bond. I hope I am as great of a parent and grandparent that they are. This year they celebrated 32 years of marriage which is so rare in our society. I know its something they have worked for. While many people have come into my life that I admire and would deem “role-model” they are my heroes and ultimate role models. I am thankful that God gave me to them. I am thankful for my siblings too and awesome grandparents!

2. The Wescotts: Not to many people can say they love their in-laws. But I do. I was so nervous when I got married because you hear all the horror stories. All I can remember from my wedding was instant relief as we listened to our parents and siblings laughing so hard playing Taboo. They are some of the most welcome, generous, loving people I have met. I have never felt like their daughter in law just their daughter. I have always wanted older brothers…not sure I ever thought up Seth and Thad. I can hear Thad saying..How could have ever thought up such greatness…so full of himself..lol. But they are wonderful Brother-In-Laws and Uncles and great brothers to Tyler and me.

3. My Youth Pastor: I have to give props to Sis. T for putting up with all of us as teenagers. She took us to events, she met up for Starbucks, gave up weekends to hang out with teenagers, took us to camp, all while being mom and wife. She lived her life out in front of us. I admire her faith and she was very influential in who I am today. I hope I am able to impact lives the way she did mine.

4. Calicinto Ranch: How could you live somewhere for 2 years and not have it be influential? This was one of those interesting times in my life right after being saturated for 4 years at Bible College and then kinda thrust into real life you have to discovered who are you without Chapel, Bible Classes every moment of the day. The Pirelli Family was a wonderful example of the body of Christ and so many mentors, board members, dream builders, Pastors, youth groups who poured into my life as much as we did theirs will never be forgotten. I am thankful for all of the campers that crossed my path and reminded me I have so much to be thankful for and such a responsibility. I am thankful for Wrangler Pals that still keep in touch and their friendships are definitely life lasting.

5. SAGU: I have to lump a bunch of folks under SAGU..otherwise we would be here for days..literally. lol. So many great people, friends, professors, and friends from the community of Waxahachie that I met through Cornerstone. I am so proud to be a LION and Waxahachie is definitely one of the places I feel at home. I would be totally fine if we found our home there one day.

6. My SAGU girls…ok these can’t be lumped together. Heather, Christine, Ashley, Stef…I love that we can meet once a year after living every moment of our lives together and its like nothing has changed…oh maybe it has a bit. Kids husbands different continents and states. whats a little change among friends? 🙂 You show me and continue to show me what true Godly friendship is. I hope my children find friends like you.

7. The Dalrymples: To know this family is to love this family. I think I was so blessed to have them in my life as a whole while I was in high school. I do not make friends easily. SHOCKER, I know for those who truly know me. I still struggle with it as an adult. I’ve gotten better..kinda. I am thankful that God gave me my friend Braden. I am blessed to still be so thankful for his friendship and that of his beautiful wife Kacie. So many fun memories and lessons learned from his parents about how to serve the Lord and overcoming fear of not being enough for the Lord to use you. I wish we lived closer so our kids could be friends and I could enjoy some chips and salsa on the counter with a life long friend when things go crazy.

8. First AG New Caney Family: Pretty sure all my childhood memories take place there, a good amount of them. Even though there was a season when I swore I would never go back there, I am thankful that there is healing that for all the exciting plans the Lord has for this body of believers. I pray the children and youth growing there find true genuine friendships, memories, mentors, and a love for the Lord.

9. New Bethel Assembly/The Bensons: One of the few places that I have found to be comfortable as home. I am thankful that Stef invited us to attend with her and we found friends and a place to learn and serve the Lord. I still have notes from Pastors sermons and I think I really learned principles that I always heard but was able to apply them to my life in a real way. Oh my Dawn. How I love her. She is someone you can just be yourself with. I am thankful she always makes you feel like you are the most important person when you visit. Her passion for loving and serving Jesus is contagious. When Hanna broke her arm we were able to visit with her more this summer. Hanna loves her so much..shes call her…her sister! haha!!! I am excited for the new Grace Place and wish we could be a part.

10…hmmm last but not least..the love and hero of my life – My husband! Hes my greatest encourager, my most favorite person in the world (besides H & K). Greatest friend I have EVER had.. and I have some pretty awesome friends. He shows me how Jesus loves me. So selfless and generous. I learn from him daily. I am thankful to take on life and all of its challenges with him, and together I think we can conquer anything.

I’m sure I will think of a million others or someone will read it and say hey..what about.. These are the top 10 that came to my mind. I’m sure they will evolve over the years. I’m sure Jackie Graves could make this list or LFA family but those who folks who are in the making now and these are people who have helped get me to where I am today.

Gotta get some lunch for the kiddos
Happy Saturday

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Blog 8: What are 5 passions you have

Good thing I switched from it being days to blogs huh? Turns out life is busy. I’ve been picking up more hours and this September will be going back to being store Assistant Manager. Then the glorious month of OCTOBER! 🙂 Fall brings good things it really does.

So what are 5 things I am passionate about..

1. Motherhood: Although there are days when I want to run screaming they are far and few. Its a joy to be H & K’s momma. I would even be ok with them having a little brother and/or sister. It shocks me when I see how some parents are so lackadaisical ($5 word of the day) in their parenting. We have a friend who has children at her house all the time who the parents have never come to meet her, or introduced themselves. What? My most important job is to protect, nurture, guide my children in the way they should go. I enjoy investing in them and having them learn new things. Watching their character and personalities. Instilling good character traits and morals in them. I hope they see how much God loves us by how much we love them. I am thankful that God has entrusted them to my care. What a precious gift. Am I a perfect parent….by NO means but I hope I’m always learning and growing from those who have been doing it longer than me. 


2. My relationship with Jesus Christ. I used to say I don’t have a testimony when I would listen to all people give accounts of the things that God had delivered them from. What I didn’t realize is that in itself is a testimony. Oh what Grace for God to watch over me while I was a child and bring my mom to a church where people would invest in me so I could have a relationship with him. To have the support of my family to attend a Christian University without persecution to study whatever I choose. Wake up each Sunday go with my family to worship without any fear. God has been so gracious to us. He loves us and I hope my life and my family portray that to everyone we come in contact with. Its not religion its relationship. 

3. Creating. I love all things artsy. I’m not the best but its definitely something that takes me to a happy place lol. 

4. My marriage. I never thought I would find a man as wonderful as mine. I thank God for him daily and will do everything to protect the unity that we have. 

5. Learning. There is always something new out there. Turns out, we don’t know it all 🙂


What am I not passionate about? Laundry! and its calling my name!

Have a happy Monday. My kiddos are starting K2 and K4 tomorrow..say a prayer for this momma 🙂

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Blog 7: What is your dream job?

You mean besides this domestic bliss. 🙂

In all seriousness I love being mom. Its not hard to love the cutest kids you’ve ever seen. I have had different jobs so far in my life. I worked in retail doing audit and office work, I’ve been a cashier at Cracker Barrel (I try to forget this brief one), I have worked in an office at a Summer camp, I’ve been a preschool after care teacher, I once worked one day at a tux rental shop came home and cried and quit (it was a low moment and a day of just ironing), I’ve worked in Marketing with Sam’s, I’ve worked at a non-profit doing an assortment of things (mostly office work) and now I work at a video rental store. 

Probably the most challenging and more rewarding was the non-profit. It was something I had wanted to do and was blessed with the great opportunity after college and was able. I made wonderful friends, and miss them all very much! 

So besides being momma, what would be my dream job?

Can I just crochet all day? 🙂 I would love to open some type of a craft shop/lab/studio type thing. Where people can buy craft supplies but can take classes or borrow/rent machines to do projects. Or just hang out with a cup of coffee and craft. 🙂 I think that would be so much fun.

I would love to be on staff at a camp again too. Its one of the most rewarding experiences. Camp changes lives. Maybe one day 🙂

Whatever you do my loves remember to do it unto God. He will honor your hard work and right now you may not get to do the job that is a dream but its someones dream and they have entrusted it to us to help them. And when you are faithful in small things God gives you big things and you might have the chance to work at the dream job of your own. 


Love you H & K!


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Blog 6: 3 Wishes

FIrst..I like to “wish” my love Tyler a happy birthday! Welcome to the 30’s baby. It looks good on you. I hope your day is as wonderful as you are. 

Today’s blog topic is 3 wishes..hmm can I wish for a million more wishes? I feel like this is a beauty pageant question…I wish for world peace! 

Wish 1: I would wish to be debt free. Please if you are able, do not ever use a credit card. Save money for college and things you really want/need. I wish someone would have taught us. We are learning and I pray we are able to show you how to be wise with your money.

Wish 2: I wish there was no death/sickness. I understand its a part of life. There are so many cool people you are missing out on meeting. I hope Im able to pass on their memory to you and in a way live a little longer.

Wish 3: I would wish for people to know Christ and the hope that I find in Him. I don’t think I’m a super Christian or that I have it all together but I do know that in Him all is well. 

Have a great week! I actually have 3 days off this week..in a row! woohoo! Im thinking play with the kids, sew and craft! woohoo Heaven! Now if only my love were here…soon! 



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