While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

Blog 11: 10 Pet Peeves

on February 7, 2014

Name 10 pet peeves you have….sounds like go ahead mom..rant! 


1. I hate when empty containers are left on the counter.

2. Chapped Lips….Im enduring this one as I type..so annoying

3. Not being able to live in one place and decorate or change  decorating..but on the flip side, we get to live in different places and see different places along the way and your dad has a great job so you win some you lose some..you get creative.

4. When my sock gets a hole in it..upside…New Socks! who doesn’t love that?

5. Having something sticky on my hands..or that smell of gas that is left on your hands after filling up the car..granted I haven’t had that smell on my hands for a while because my husband is AWESOME!

6. People who are rude for no apparent reason, or don’t even give you the chance to make a situation better….oh the things I have had to let go while at work. I guess sometimes people just need someone to be mad at.

7. wire hangers..why would you ever buy those

8. When I tell someone I really dont like broccoli and they tell me to just be an adult and eat it..um, no. I really don’t like it I’m not just being childish, ok thanks. You eat it weirdo.

9..making a list of 10 pet peeves ..haha although I’ll walk away and think of a dozen more

Thats all I got…I guess on the list of things you remember about me i hope its not what was your moms pet peeves…quirks maybe? silly things I did? 


Either way…You are probably going to get some of these too!! OH genetics!

Love you 3 more than you know




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