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Blog 9: 10 people who have influenced you & describe how..

Hi Friends
well..preschool is a hit. my kids love it. I’m thankful that they are excited to learn and are waking up ready to go. I love that I hear them saying scriptures through out the day at home too! Makes it a lot easier to work full time knowing that what they are learning at school is what we are focusing on at home as well.

So 10 people how have influenced me…
1. My parents/Family: I am blessed to have a mom and dad who made sure we never went with out. They worked hard, and still work hard. Was life always perfect at the McCafferty house growing up, umm…sure. haha..no but we do have great memories and great bond. I hope I am as great of a parent and grandparent that they are. This year they celebrated 32 years of marriage which is so rare in our society. I know its something they have worked for. While many people have come into my life that I admire and would deem “role-model” they are my heroes and ultimate role models. I am thankful that God gave me to them. I am thankful for my siblings too and awesome grandparents!

2. The Wescotts: Not to many people can say they love their in-laws. But I do. I was so nervous when I got married because you hear all the horror stories. All I can remember from my wedding was instant relief as we listened to our parents and siblings laughing so hard playing Taboo. They are some of the most welcome, generous, loving people I have met. I have never felt like their daughter in law just their daughter. I have always wanted older brothers…not sure I ever thought up Seth and Thad. I can hear Thad saying..How could have ever thought up such greatness…so full of himself..lol. But they are wonderful Brother-In-Laws and Uncles and great brothers to Tyler and me.

3. My Youth Pastor: I have to give props to Sis. T for putting up with all of us as teenagers. She took us to events, she met up for Starbucks, gave up weekends to hang out with teenagers, took us to camp, all while being mom and wife. She lived her life out in front of us. I admire her faith and she was very influential in who I am today. I hope I am able to impact lives the way she did mine.

4. Calicinto Ranch: How could you live somewhere for 2 years and not have it be influential? This was one of those interesting times in my life right after being saturated for 4 years at Bible College and then kinda thrust into real life you have to discovered who are you without Chapel, Bible Classes every moment of the day. The Pirelli Family was a wonderful example of the body of Christ and so many mentors, board members, dream builders, Pastors, youth groups who poured into my life as much as we did theirs will never be forgotten. I am thankful for all of the campers that crossed my path and reminded me I have so much to be thankful for and such a responsibility. I am thankful for Wrangler Pals that still keep in touch and their friendships are definitely life lasting.

5. SAGU: I have to lump a bunch of folks under SAGU..otherwise we would be here for days..literally. lol. So many great people, friends, professors, and friends from the community of Waxahachie that I met through Cornerstone. I am so proud to be a LION and Waxahachie is definitely one of the places I feel at home. I would be totally fine if we found our home there one day.

6. My SAGU girls…ok these can’t be lumped together. Heather, Christine, Ashley, Stef…I love that we can meet once a year after living every moment of our lives together and its like nothing has changed…oh maybe it has a bit. Kids husbands different continents and states. whats a little change among friends? 🙂 You show me and continue to show me what true Godly friendship is. I hope my children find friends like you.

7. The Dalrymples: To know this family is to love this family. I think I was so blessed to have them in my life as a whole while I was in high school. I do not make friends easily. SHOCKER, I know for those who truly know me. I still struggle with it as an adult. I’ve gotten better..kinda. I am thankful that God gave me my friend Braden. I am blessed to still be so thankful for his friendship and that of his beautiful wife Kacie. So many fun memories and lessons learned from his parents about how to serve the Lord and overcoming fear of not being enough for the Lord to use you. I wish we lived closer so our kids could be friends and I could enjoy some chips and salsa on the counter with a life long friend when things go crazy.

8. First AG New Caney Family: Pretty sure all my childhood memories take place there, a good amount of them. Even though there was a season when I swore I would never go back there, I am thankful that there is healing that for all the exciting plans the Lord has for this body of believers. I pray the children and youth growing there find true genuine friendships, memories, mentors, and a love for the Lord.

9. New Bethel Assembly/The Bensons: One of the few places that I have found to be comfortable as home. I am thankful that Stef invited us to attend with her and we found friends and a place to learn and serve the Lord. I still have notes from Pastors sermons and I think I really learned principles that I always heard but was able to apply them to my life in a real way. Oh my Dawn. How I love her. She is someone you can just be yourself with. I am thankful she always makes you feel like you are the most important person when you visit. Her passion for loving and serving Jesus is contagious. When Hanna broke her arm we were able to visit with her more this summer. Hanna loves her so much..shes call her…her sister! haha!!! I am excited for the new Grace Place and wish we could be a part.

10…hmmm last but not least..the love and hero of my life – My husband! Hes my greatest encourager, my most favorite person in the world (besides H & K). Greatest friend I have EVER had.. and I have some pretty awesome friends. He shows me how Jesus loves me. So selfless and generous. I learn from him daily. I am thankful to take on life and all of its challenges with him, and together I think we can conquer anything.

I’m sure I will think of a million others or someone will read it and say hey..what about.. These are the top 10 that came to my mind. I’m sure they will evolve over the years. I’m sure Jackie Graves could make this list or LFA family but those who folks who are in the making now and these are people who have helped get me to where I am today.

Gotta get some lunch for the kiddos
Happy Saturday

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day 2: 3 Fears

Continuing the 30 things my children should know about me: 3 fears

1. I am afraid of the dentist. You have to understand, I’ve been going since I was 5 to not only the dentist but the orthodontist and the oral surgeon. It seems no matter how hard I try to take good care of my teeth they are just never clean enough or something is genetically wrong with my mouth. Some people are afraid of spiders and clowns. Mine is the dentist.

2. For a long time I feared, I would never get married and have a family. When you see everyone around you getting married and having kids and you are just doing day to day and nothing changes, it can be scary when that is your desire and you are doing everything right. Not sleeping around, honoring God with your life, it can be very frustrating. But the great thing about this fear is that I over came and understood that God was directing my life. If I had met your dad earlier or later I may have missed out on some great opportunities. I guess my fear has moved from a fear of never having it all to possibly losing it all! I pray every day that God would guard, protect and preserve our family. That He would keep you each safe.

3. I have a fear of failure. I think this may be an oldest child trait. I often fear I may not be enough so I don’t put myself out or afraid what will others think! Well you will never know until you actually do it. I read a quote the other day. If you live a life without failure then have you really lived at all..or something along those lines. When I have fear, I usually quietly sing..God has not given us a spirit of fear, but He has given to us a spirit of power a spirit of hope and a sound mind.

I hope you never have any fears. I know you will, its human and its ok to be afraid. Just like its ok to be happy angry sad. But we are blessed to have Christ who helps us conquer all of our fears and be who HE has created us to be. I love you my Hanna and Kyle! I hope you will be brave and courageous in all that you do and are faced with.

– Mom

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we finally moved in!

yay…thanks to great family and friends we are finally moved in to our new home for the next year. So far all I miss about our old place is the washer dryer! Although the laundry room is not too far away. We had our first surprise guess in our towel laundry..a pair of lacy underwear. lol It made for a good laugh.

It was quite an adventure the moving. I didn’t actually get to take any part in it. Kyle had an allergic reaction to some laundry soap that I had thought was Hand and Foot. We waited 6 hours at the ER which can only be so much fun with a 16 month old little guy. Then when we were finally called back he had a freakout and was screaming bloody murder. The ER doctor assured me it was the laundry soap even with the blisters on his hands. So my amazing mother in law re-washed all of our clothes (in the midst of moving) and within a day the blisters were gone and the rash went away. Crazy. I normally make our laundry soap but grabbed a quick bottle because they were out of an ingredient that I needed. (We use 1 Fetz Nap Bar – grated, 1 cup of Arm and Hammer Washing Soda and 1 cup of Borax..Mix up, used 1 -2 tbsps per load). Needless to say as much as I love the brand ALL we will not be using it again unless its Free and Clear.

The kids each have their own room in this new apartment which I think they are enjoying. Kyle did get up looking for Hanna the first night and they have their moments where Hanna tells him to get out of her room. It nice having a place for them to play with the bazillion toys they own. Even after going through their toys and books and donating quite a bit they still own way too much stuff. We all own way too much stuff.

Yesterday we went to OKC to have a family day. We went to the Science Museum of OKC, it was a lot of fun. So hands on! Tye and I were talking and we don’t remember museums being so hands on when we were younger and we are so thankful that its like that now. They did a really great job of making sure it was geared towards all ages..Kyle and Tyler had fun. : ) Hanna, Kyle and I went down a HUGE treehouse slide. I originally thought it was just a little loopy slide and then as I followed Kyle up the stairs I could see we were going to the ceiling. My elbow is a little scrapped up, turns out my body doesn’t turn that way and will contort in different ways to make sure Kyle has a fun time down the slide..lol the things we do for our kids

We also went to Penn Square Mall and visited the Build a Bear Workshop. For Tyler’s last deployment, we made each other bears. He took his to Iraq and I kept mine here. As childish or silly as it sounds it nice to hold on to something that someone you loved who is far away made for you. So Hanna picked out a Puppy (Princess Ruff) and Kyle picked out a sweet little Bear (Barry). Tyler got a Monkey and I got a Rabbit. Tyler recorded his voice saying I love you, in each of their little animals. When we got home he showed them they could press the paw and hear daddys voice even when hes far away. So Hanna was walking around with her little puppy pressing the paw and responding, I love you Daddy. I think they were a hit, a small fortune but a hit. He will be leaving over the next few weeks if you will say a prayer for our little ones.

Does anyone have any great ideas for a Tinkerbell Party??? My Hanna is turning 3 and that is all she can talk about! : )

Welp were off to get the day started..wells its been started for a while just need to start accomplishing stuff!

Hope you guys have a great week!


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so very very blessed

I have always known that I am blessed with a great life. But I truly find things everyday that make me just smile and realize again how great I have it, even when I feel like life is a little crazy.

For instance, earlier this week Hanna had asked for pancakes. We had used the last bit of the pancake batter for breakfast earlier in the week so I told her that we could pick up some more and maybe daddy would make us some on Sunday. I forgot to pick up pancake batter, once brother began screaming..letting all of Wal-Mart know, our shopping trip would be coming to a close soon. 

Honestly I thought she would forget because for those of your that aren’t Wescotts…Sunday, is also doughnut day. We stop by J’s Doughnuts we get 1 custard filled glazed, 4 kolaches, and a dozen doughnut holes split between 2 bags along with a Monster Energy drink and a Coke. (Beverages of Champions, I know. Han and Kye should really have a talk with their parents about healthier breakfast drink choices) – Every Sunday..its $10 and change. Its a great people watching experience.

I came in from talking to my sister on the phone and noticed that Tyler was messing with stuff in the kitchen and asked what he was doing. He told me, getting pancake batter ready for tomorrow. I had totally forgot that I told her we could have pancakes and probably she would have been ok with not having them, I actually doubt that she would even remember, but her Daddy who loves her more than anything..he remembered. Because he is awesome like that. 

He’s a beyond awesome dad and husband. I am blessed to call him mine.  : ) 

Be sure to tell the ones you love them that you do : ) I am so thankful for my Tyler!


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Daddy, we need to get out of here…

so we just got home from a week and a half of visiting at my parents house. we had a great time. it was a busy time but a great one. I didn’t get schedule at work for the first part of the week so we headed out a few days earlier, thinking we would take care of the “business stuff” of the trip (replace a car sticker, get my license renewed..etc etc etc.) But instead we ended up having lunch with my mom, taking the kids to a nature park. It was fun.

On Wednesday we took the kids to the Woodlands to watch firecrackers, it was fun. Hanna was not interested in them at all, in fact she told my dad “GPA cover your eyes so it doesn’t get in them!”  Kyle was very interested in them. They didn’t start the show until 9:30 so at 10 when it was over it was like CRAZY traffic. (If only we had thought to just watch them in the store parking lot across from the mall…next year, next year we have a plan. lol. So we sat in the car for a while and I looked at Tyler and said wanna see if mom and dad wanna go get a snack while the traffic clears out? Which turned out to be a fun plan too : )

Thursday, we went and got my little brother and went to the beach!

Here is a picture of my little sand bug! : ) He was very clingy this trip and I really wanted him to not be..lol. I wanted to play in the gross Galveston Water…(after visiting FL & CA…Galveston water will always just look so dreadful) so his daddy showed him how to dig a hole. Which normally I don’t think he would have been so cool with but God in His wisdom created the tide that washes your hands off as you dig. : ) He loved it.

so did Han : ) Here she is with her “oskin” or Uncle Austin : )

Then on Friday I hit a milestone…Happy 30th Birthday to me : ) Celebrated by going to my grandmas for a Family Reunion, we missed a few folks by a few days but overall it was a wonderful day! Kyle was so excited to meet and greet, he felt he didn’t need a nap..until like 5:30 when he crashed for about an hour. lol. My kids have always been that way, afraid they will miss something if they fall asleep.

My cousins husband Scott did a great job with photos : )

heres our mini branch of the McCafferty Clan : ) Just missing Amy!!

You can tell who the in-law is by how tall he is : )

Saturday, we thought we’d get the kids photos taken by my mom’s friend who does photos at the http://www.cp4.hctx.net/mercer/ Mercer Arboretum…beautiful place…well my kids decided, they werent so excited about photos…

as seen here lol..but she got some good ones like this sweet one:

once we have the finished product I’ll show them off but those are too funny not to share.

My husband also arranged a ‘girls day’ as his gift which was AWESOME!! We met up at my parents house, and went to dinner and a movie, a shopping spree, and he purchased gift certificates for mani/pedis for ALL of us : ) Then we came home to drinks and desserts on the patio. I have..no photos from it…I was having too much fun!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYo2R7qK_8A&hd=1 Here is a link of Hanna singing Happy Birthday to me, the hand is her microphone…obviously!

The rest of the week was pretty much normal family stuff church on Sunday and Monday we swam and my dad wasn’t feeling too well. We did go to Dave and Busters to meet up with some of my great college friends. It was fun, and I won 1000 tickets on a game!

On our last day we took the kids to the Woodlands Children Museum its $5 for 2 and older, absolutely worth it. We had a great time : )

On the way home Tyler let me look for a few Geocaches..we actually found 3! : ) Fun stuff. It could be a very addicting hobby for sure. If you haven’t heard about it here is the link: geocaching.com Hanna was ready to go home…at one of the stops she told her daddy: Daddy, we need to get out of here..lol. She also asked to go to our house close to the end of our visit. She had fun, but she was ready to head home. My mom did a lot of fun stuff with them like glow stick bath, she bought water wings for the pool, and had so many snacks! She did good in the grammy world this week : )

Welp were home and Tyler has started unpacking and Kyle is awake from his nap so I better get going, just wanted to share all the fun we had on our trip! Hope you summer is going great too!

Hoping your day is filled with fun!


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remember this?

Remember the chair I found in the dumpster at work? Well I recovered it and tada it was this:

Well then I had a second child and the top ripped, and we were potty training and Hanna had an accident on it..poor poor chair..

Well it has new life again —

I put a little pocket on the back..its not centered so I’m not sharing a photo of it but Hanna has been putting her plastic “fried eggies” in it. So I think it safe to say that she liked it. Its a little bit bigger than the last one. The kids love it and thats all that matters.

We had a really great day today…we started with a Pinterest idea..of using Eye Droppers to drop colored vinegar in baking soda. It was a good exercise for Hanna in how to squeeze the eye dropper part and to carefully bring it over the pan. Lasted about 40 minutes

I really love pinterest and all the ideas that are there, I wish I had more time to do ideas from there. I think a lot will be coming into play while we visit my mom this next week. So far we have a nail polish party, glow stick bath and ice cream topping bar on the list : ) How can you go wrong with those things?

We also revisited the SPRAY PARK..dun dun dun…and it was successful. I have no photos because I was busy chasing Hanna telling her not to run. Kyle did discover that Hats are useful. to collect water and to shield eyes from the sun

He was tuckered out after playing today

 It was a fun day.

Hope you had a fun summer day!


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Happy Kids

I think its safe to say, we have some happy kids. We went to IL this past week to visit Tyler’s family.

We got a 5 generation photo, ages ranging from Kyle who is 13 months to Great-Great Grandma Murphy who is 102 (she will be 103 in September).

We had a great time just getting to be together. We took the kids to the

Which was awesome, it was perfect for our kiddos. We aren’t able to see a whole zoo quite yet between needing to potty and take naps 🙂 They had a really cool petting zoo, carousel  and  a train. If you live in IL and are wanting to take your little one, I would really recommend it

I’m hoping when we visit Houston in July, we will get to go to the Houston Zoo (that will make Zoo Visit #4 for Hanna 😀 – El Paso, OKC, Niabi…were working up to San Diego lol).

Ty and I got to visit with some of his friends and then had a date night in Iowa. It was a fun week. Then we came home and Tyler had a 4 day for Memorial Day, pretty sweet deal for him 🙂

Here are some favorite photos from our trip:

Look how happy that girl is!! Shes recently discovered she has a middle name. I often call her Han when I’m trying to get her attention. She corrected me the other day and said…I no Han..I Hanna ‘Cole…lol. So funny

Pretty sure little boys don’t come much cuter than this one 🙂

This one is to haunt them when they are fighting when they get older 🙂

I also got some crocheting done on our trip but I’ll do another post for those cuties : ) Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day, be safe!



a packed weekend

we had a great weekend…it started with:

the hubs being officially made a SGT. He had the unique experience of having his brother who is a CPT promote him and also do his re-enlistment ceremony.  That’s right looks like we are an ARMY family for at least another 3 years. We have some changes and challenges ahead of us but I have faith in us that they will be some great years. One of the changes in starting soon I will be working just part-time, still a manager but just less hours so I can spend more time with our kids since Tyler is needed more at work.

We also have a deployment coming up, so we will probably have a “Wescott Family Tour” trying to fit in everyone we can during this summer. Then trying to decide what is the best fit for our kids and I while Tyler is deployed, lots of prayers are greatly appreciated.

Also a great day for the McCafferty Family, my little sister made the rank of SSG. So proud of her and all of her hard work. I know shes a great leader, I hope they value her because it sure would be nice to have her closer to us. We wish her all the best in all that life brings her.

We also took part in the OKC MS Walk, in honor of our friend Bobbie Jo, who is such a blessing to our family. Our team raised $178, very exciting.

Here are some of my favorite photos my Brother In Law took:

love my boys!!

Sure am thankful for this girl! Love our Bobbie Jo!!

love my little family 🙂

gotta have those sunnies 🙂

Hanna saw this and said…thats sissie hanna 🙂 they  are BEST BUDDIES

hes so handsome 🙂

the babes and Thad’s great dog, Lycan. He was such a great sport this weekend. Our kids love him…ok so we all love Lycan. I constantly tell Tyler, when we decide to get a family dog…it has to be just like Lycan, hopefully a Lycan puppy. One day but not until we are past diapers…ha ha

I feel like this past week has been horribly chaotic and I also have been fighting a cold/respiratory infection. I’m just ready for the change to take place and be in a routine again. I am a creature of routine, yet I am constantly surrounded by change. Oh Lord you have such a sense of humor, as long as I can call on you, I will do my best!

We also had a special little guy in our lives turn on, although we weren’t able to make it to his party 😦

Happy Birthday Rockie! Thanks for being such a great friend to Kyle and Hanna, we love you buddy!!

So Update in Potty adventures:

At risk of sounding over confident: Hanna has only had 1 accident each day since she started going all panties. Once was during a nap and she woke up saying: Pee in panties for babies…She’s been a pooping machine. I mean the M & M’s probably don’t hurt. : )  Thank You Tinkerbell, I take back all the horrible things I said about how slutty you dressed.

Welp I have to off today so I’m off to spend it with the ones I love the best!!

Hope you get to spend some time with your loves today



well hello spring

now if oklahoma could just make up its mind about the weather. so far we’ve had rain the past few days which i am loving! 

things have been good, busy but good. we are gearing up for Kyles 1st Birthday Celebration! So hard to believe that a year ago I was probably blogging about how miserably pregnant I was and ready for his arrival. He is such a blessing. Hes a mess too don’t let me mislead you. This little monkey has learned that he can push the little tyke car up against the loveseat and climb through the window and up on the couch almost to the kitchen counter. Hes also discovered toilet water. Seriously? I just want him to walk. I’ve been told that such is the life with a son 🙂 Nothing makes me feel more loved though when he stretches out those little arms for me. 🙂

Miss Hanna is doing great too. Pretty much turned into a songbird. She has mastered “Wheels on the Bus”, Itsy Bitsy Spider, ABD’s lol, Who are the people in your neighborhood. Shes also a bit of a drama queen. We have introduced “the Corner”. She will have to go stand in it when she is in trouble and all I hear is “I no play with you mommie”. But after we talk it out there is always a hug and I lub you mommie.



I got some new things posted in my Etsy shop:

Baby Crossed Cluster Newsboy Hat with Rose


I got this pattern from The Speckled Frog Crochet: http://www.etsy.com/shop/speckledfrogcrochet it was so easy to do! I am making another for a dear friend who is about to be grandma to TWINS! How fun. Well for them..ha ha. …I thank the Lord everyday he gave me my blessings one at a time.

In other news I found out that a very close friend of mine lost her mother this morning. My heart breaks for her. Its times like this that I wish we were closer to do something immediate or just go give her a hug. Although I no my words would never be adequate enough to provide comfort I know that I can pray for her and the Lord can provide the peace that she needs. If you would say a prayer for her family today I know they would be so grateful.

well the lunch bell is going off (Kyle is letting me know he is hungry and he is hungry now!!) Hope everyone has a great week!!



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8.25 Jiggawatts..

what is a jiggawatt, you may be wondering. well its a unit of measurement that one uses to describe their happiness in the wescott family. its also a misquoted movie line from Back to the Future. dont judge us. we’ve embraced it made it our own. what are families if we don’t have things like jiggawatts?

my wonderful hubs the first time he took me to IL, while crossing the state line and possibly having way too much energy drinking running through his veins announced that he was 8.25 jiggawatts happy that we were going to see his family. So since when we go somewhere we really like, we call is an 8.25 jiggawatt happy place. For Valentines, he surprised me (well our family) with a trip this past weekend to Waxahachie, which is so near and dear to my heart. Lets be honest if I could pack up our house find jobs for both of us and know that Tyler was happy, we’d be there tomorrow. I can’t explain why because its not even that Waxahachie has all that much or even the greatest stuff. Definitely, has great people

We drove down Saturday morning to the Ft. Worth Childrens Museum. We got to have a snack with my great friend Stef who happened to be in town from CN and will soon be heading to Africa again. We  got to see her mom and dad and niece and nephew too. I love friends that you can be friends with their families too. Then to Hanna and Kyle’s surprise, Grammy and G-Pa showed up to play! I love my parents 🙂 The kids had a lot of fun.

Then we thought, we’re in Ft. Worth, we always see Ft. Worth on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives on the Food Network Channel : http://www.foodnetwork.com/diners-drive-ins-and-dives/index.html so we rush to the car try to see if we can pull up one. Its raining, phone batteries are low and phones are slow so ta-da..one comes up Fred’s Cafe. http://www.fredstexascafe.com/ I thought, I’ve heard of that lets go. Ok maybe I was just excited to go.

First let me say if this was just me, ty and the parents would have been great. But we got to this tiny diner after parking a block and a half away walking in the rain. and we walked in and I instantly knew. ha ha..this place is not going to have high chairs lol. Hanna and Kye got to sit in the tiny booth with us 🙂 IT was a memory for sure!  Burgers were great. Not sure it is the same menu from when the show actually visited but it was fun. We walked out and I looked at my mom and said..I just took my kids to eat in a bar didn’t I ? 

Then we head to Waxhachie to see our dear friends the Orrills, got up and went to church at New Bethel (felt so love! its nice to have place to visit and it feels like home) http://www.newbethel.us  and had lunch with some more great friends, the Dalrymples. Then back to the Orrills for some Sunday Funday family fun we played Sour Apples to Apples. Monday pretty chill..got to have lunch with the lovely Dawn Benson, then Heather and I escape and went to an antique shop..were so old. Then some DQ with one of m favorite fams the Varners…

Today is put away the junk day..and work lol…better get moving.

r.4fiefbrrfigni9f9ir9i-m.. from Kye

🙂 Amanda

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