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BLOG 4: 10 things you’d tell your 16 year old self

on July 17, 2013

So Been out of town for a few days. We went to Sterling IL to visit family. I am so blessed that I don’t mind visiting my in-laws without my husband being there. Am I weird? or are they just nice? Either way we had fun. I turned the big 3-1 this year. We went to the Brookfield Zoo. It was amazing! I’ve decided we should go to a zoo every year for my birthday. Got to ride the train and everything. Which was super cool for me, I mean my kiddos. 🙂 We swam a lot and played. It was fun. I needed a break from my job. Kinda burned out.

Half way through the trip my AC in my car went out. Fantastic…-the fan part, and the entire meaning of the word. Got a quote, and it starts at…(insert drumrollllllll) $1,700. Um, no. I didnt want to buy a car just repair one. So we are making some calls to hopefully get it repaired for less. I’m tempted to get a book and crawl under there and fix it myself. This is when deployment really sucks. Im tough though we will be ok. We actually had like a mini cool front come through though. I’m convinced it was just for me, because God loves me. Ok maybe it was science or for Dry Oklahoma too. Whatever, I still think we’re His favorite and He sent me some rain to cool us off.

Anyways..came home and right back to work. Also got some news about our rental house that we are switching some stuff around and that comes with a hefty bill, and I had a bill from Tri-Care that my awesome husband took care of from Kuwait…who does that? Oh yeah my awesome husband. Sorry ladies. Hes all mine, but he does have 2 brothers. 🙂 wink, wink.

So 31, Im not gonna lie. I was nervous to turn 30 but it was pretty awesome. Im thinking these 30’s may not be so bad after all (KNOCK ON WOOD). I also had a very precious friend who had a stroke at the beginning of the year, who recently celebrated her 30th birthday (thanks be to God). She is still recovering and has a long way to go but this past year everytime something has come up that might be approached well I’m too old or I could never do that, or even I’m so tired. I remember that Holly would give everything to be tired from a day with her kids. Even a bad one. 30’s are going to be about celebrating life and being thankful that I am able to be with my family. We never know how many days we get. Please continue to pray for Holly’s healing! Her story is at http://www.hollygilstrap.com

So 16..sweet 16..what would I tell sweet 16 year old Amanda? But it was so long ago..lol.

1. Bad haircuts grow out.
2. Grandparents and people in general aren’t immortal. Spend lots of time with the people you love. Let them know you love them. Invest time with them.
3. What are you thinking taking a math course as an ELECTIVE…
4. Keep praying for you dad, because it may be 20 years later but God does hear & answers your prayers.
5. Never let the guard on your heart down. You have an awesome husband and family.
6. Probably should get the gas gauge in your car fixed. Take better care of your cars in general.
7. Make the most of free summers because eventually you become an adult and they go away and it sucks.
8. Sleep in whenever possible. You will miss it.
9. Don’t be afraid to try. (I’m still learning this)
10. Life goes on. No matter what disappointment or what plan you thought you had, God is always directing your path. Don’t be so concerned with the path He has for others that you miss out on what He has for you.

I’m sure I”ll think of 10 better things I would tell myself but for now these will have to do. I have some laundry to tackle. Hope you have an awesome week! Remember you are loved so very much!



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