While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

Long Time..no post

on January 8, 2013

Poor Poor Blog…

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. We were blessed to be with my husbands family in IL for two weeks. It was truly a gift. 

My kids enjoyed the snow. Hanna asked when she saw it..where are the penguins? and then later told me..Someone needs to clean this snow up mom..its bothering me. 🙂 Oh to be  3, and one day 5 as she tells me. 

Kyle wanted to roll around in the snow. : ) I wanted to get them a little sled but Daddy said no..so I got them shovels. It didn’t really matter..we were out there for what I think was..umm..4 minutes. Kye’s pants were soaked by crawling around in it. ha!

We were able to see my love and my Brother In Law on Christmas morning through the wonder that is SKYPE, which I know made it even more special for the kids. They were so cute make sure that they ran over and showed them all of their gifts, and there were a lot of gifts.

However..this is what Kyle enjoyed playing with the most. A box and an old toy that lives at Grandma Kitty’s and Gramps. oh my.

While we were in IL, I received a text that my childhood best friend had a stroke and was in ICU. I don’t think I have too many childhood memories that don’t involve her. We were very blessed to grow up in church together, we did our girls program at church, sang together, went to camp together, switched clothes at church…drove our mothers crazy together. 🙂 When I had back surgery, I remember I couldn’t go up and down stairs and they had stairs at the entry of their home and her dad carried me up and down the stairs so I could see her. Another favorite memory is putting on her dad’s dress socks and sliding across their kitchen floor and sitting on my parents counters after swimming with a bowl of salsa and chips just  chatting!

When we were in High School, they moved and we saw less and less of each other but she is one of those precious friends who no matter how long you’ve gone, its like you were together every day. She invited me to be in her wedding when we were in college. Our youngest kids are “birthday buddies” just like our moms. Callie was born on the 6th and Kyle on the 7th. She loves Jesus with all of her heart, and is a shining example of HIS love to others. She is an inspiration. She’s been in ICU for a week, and is able to respond with blinking to yes and no questions which is a miracle in itself. Several – thousands – have joined together to pray for her total restoration and for her family, her husband Kris, and three darling children: Abigail, Ethan and Callie. You can do- follow her story on Facebook: Pray for Holly Gilstrap.  www.hollygilstrap.com I know the Lord is restoring her and look forward to visiting with her again. I don’t ask for much on my blog, but would you pray for Holly?

I had a tremendous blessing this Christmas with selling hats on my Etsy shop and facebook…so much I had to turn hats away..I hate that feeling so I am working this year on stocking up : ) Look for exciting things to come for While You Were Napping.

My husband and I are starting a new tradition this year is selecting a word or a theme for the year. One that we can kinda look to for the year. I’m going to put up in our home and hopefully over the years we will grow a collection and be able to look back and reflect on faith family and friends. This year our word is TRUST. Being a military family, especially one with a loved one deployed we are learning to trust that God knows our every move. We are leaning on HIM and not our own understanding. (Prov 3:5-6) We never know where the ARMY will take us but we TRUST that God does. 🙂 Personally I am trusting God for my friends Healing, I am trusting Him to lead us in decisions about finances, school, well pretty much everything. 

I hope the New Year has started well for you Blog World! Hopefully once we get back in to the swing of things..I wont be so neglectful..lol

Trusting HIM,



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