While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping


on December 19, 2012

poor poor blog..so sorry I have neglected you.

all of sudden I was flooded with orders! No complaints..just happy crocheting hands. : )  

This year at our house we introduced the Elf on a Shelf tradition.


She was lovingly named Sparkle by my three year old. Its fun because my 1 year old can say Sparkle too. Normally my kids are very grumpy in the morning…not sure where they get that from…lies. I know exactly where it comes from, don’t judge me. 

Anyways, since Sparkle has been at our house, all I have to say is Lets go find Sparkle and their little eyes light up! I love it…here are some photos of our fun

One day she brought doughnuts..Hans favorite

She had a kissing booth one day but since you can’t touch Sparkle or she will loose her magic and not be able to go back to Santa and give a report…she just gave some peppermint kisses. Which my kiddos now call sparkle candy

She hung out with frosty on top of the fridge

Played go fish with some friends. (Hanna did NOT like this one..)

Brought us a North Pole breakfast with new table cloth, plates and pancakes

Took a Marshmellow bath. Hanna asked me..why her in the snow? : ) I love how she thinks

Ate cookies on the ledge

She brought us Antler Ears from Joann’s..Mom gave her the tip 🙂 

brough bubble bath when she heard we were out..we are out again..Hanna told me..Sparkle needs to bring us more bubbles momma : ) 

Its been alot of fun. I’m hoping to plan some fun Sparkle moments on our trip to IL to see our family there. Hopefully we are leading up to the biggest moment of all when Sparkle helps us celebrate Jesus’ birthday. Ive read a lot of criticism about Elf on the Shelf. I for one think that if I can create a fun memory and tradition without taking away from what I believe this holiday is truly celebrating there is no harm. My children don’t behave because of an Elf. They behave because they are disciplined and loved. 

As I went to move Sparkle this morning, my heart went to those families in CT who lost their sweet children and loved ones. Maybe they had an elf, I could never imagine losing my child, let alone at the choice of another. And then finding things, little things each day that reminded me that they are no longer with me. Clothes in the Laudry, toys out from the morning before school… I am vowing to make lasting memories and each day count with my kids. We are not promised tomorrow. Our hearts and prayers are with those were involved in any way in CT, I know it may seem like God was not there on that day but please believe me that He was and He is there to comfort you. 

May you and your families have a wonderful Christmas!




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