While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

in all things give thanks

on December 2, 2012

have you ever thought you posted something and then meant to once you realized you did and then a while week passed. Thats kinda what happened with my  Thanksgiving post! whoops.

I have so much to be thankful for this year. 2 years ago we PCS’d to  Ft. Sill Oklahoma where I was sure we were going to be miserable and of course God intervened and we are so very happy. He provided a job with some great not only co-workers but friends. We have an awesome church. Seriously, there should be an LFA at every military post. I was very worried I would be depressed and become a recluse while Tyler was gone but its been the opposite. We’ve met some great families. So very very blessed! 

We are thankful for great family and great friends who are on this deployment journey with us. Even though there are days Im sure Im gonna go crazy I am thankful for my kiddos and the age they are at and all they are discovering. Thank You Lord for our new apartment with more room to play and grow. : ) 

We were extra thankful to spend time with my family all at the same time, weve seen them in groups but got all be together, grandma included this year – just missing my LOVE. Sometimes you have to take what you get. 

Well I have a little boy holding on to my leg insisting he needs help…lol

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving



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