While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

should be doing laundry

on October 27, 2012

my daughter had an accident today that immediately made my regret the ” we’ll be fine with just going to the laundry mat for a year” decision. Oh how I miss my washer dryer. After this year, we shall never ever part again.

The woes of a housewife : )

I am up hoping to catch the hubs online before heading to bed. So I watched a movie “October Baby” SO GOOD, a tearjerker, watch out. I finished up some cute little beanies for my Etsy Shop. I normally try to make neutral or boy things but these were just too pretty pink yarns that needed to be made into hats.

0-3 Horse Beanie Ready to Ship


0-3 Girls Owl Hat - Ready to Ship


Arent they precious?

The most popular item in my shop right now is this little guy:

Pacistache - Mustache Pacifier


I’ve made more little black mustaches than I know what to do! I also learned in an order about a great cause: Movember

http://us.movember.com/about/ My father and uncle are both Prostate Cancer survivors. I think this is just an awesome cause!

Today was a really great day…We had a lunch/playdate with some friends from church. Some of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met, and tomorrow we are having lunch with some more sweet girls who are celebrating  a homecoming for one of her girls. We are truly blessed this deployment to be surrounded by people who are so supportive and loving. And to top it all off, we have church on Sunday! If you aren’t able to attend church and wanna join us via radio check it out: radio.lawtonfirst.org We’d love to have you join us.

Welp I don’t think hes going to be on and I have two of the most beautiful sleeping angels who are going to probably wake up early..and I have my laundry that I played “hooky” from tonight (get it? I crocheted instead..”hooky” ok maybe its just funny to me).


Hope you guys have an awesome weekend!



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