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faith trust and pixie dust

on September 20, 2012

Well we celebrated Hanna Banana’s birthday early so that my dad and husband could be a part since they will be working when she actually turns the big golden 3!

Tyler made Hanna’s cake! I think it looked awesome. It was funfetti and strawberry. We used little plastic figures from a book her grandma got her and it worked out great:


He’s always so hard on himself and I think he does an awesome job! Here’s Hanna’s other birthday cakes hes done:


The traditional 1 and we had a very fall themed party at the pumpkin patch in Chickasha Oklahoma: Red Silo Farms..http://www.redsiloproductions.com/home.html amazing place!

Hanna’s 2nd birthday, OWL Themed..whoo whoo is turning 2! It was very fun.

This year I had planned to do Bubbles and Chalk like at Hanna’s 2 year old party but..it was dark and gloomy! Yikes..so we switched plans and planned to make fairy wings (which was very appealing to little girls) However..I should have used cardboard instead of poster board. Thanks to our friend Amber and her mad hot gluing skills.

My mom also made balloon animals, and balloon ray guns and hats. They were pretty excited about that. I think it lived up to all that she had been hoping for in her little 2-almost-3 year old heart. Kyle got her a new Tinkerbell movie and while they were watching it Hanna looked over at Kye and told him “you picked a good one brother” 🙂 melts my heart!

We also got great news from Hanna’s eye doctor that her vision has been improved by wearing her glasses! I’m so proud of Hanna for being so diligent in wearing her glasses and taking care of them. Also extremely thankful for a great doctor. It takes us 1 1/2 hours to get there and we are never there longer than 20-30 minutes wait time included. They are truly professionals. 

Life has been so blessed at the Wescott House! I haven’t had a ton of hours at work so I’ve been putting some more efforts in my ETSY shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/Whileyouwerenapping?ref=si_shop and had several orders this week. Which is so encouraging. I’ve also been able to attend stuff at church like the Ladies Bible Study and a Mom’s group. We’ve had to change our budget some and its taking some adjusting but we’re getting a routine. I’m thankful to have an amazing husband, I know I say it quite a bit but I truly am blessed.

Welp..Mr Kyle is awake !!

Hugs, Amanda


2 responses to “faith trust and pixie dust

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    LOVE the waterfall on her cake! Great to hear Hanna’s eyes are doing better and that she enjoyed her birthday!

    • Thank You Sarah! That was all Tyler, he said the waterfall part was his favorite, mine too! : ) Yes, we are so thankful for Hanna’s eyes and praying for a good report, we go back in 6 months since she is still crossing a little when looking at stuff up close

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