While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

celebrate Hanna

on September 14, 2012

Well it is rapidly approaching my beloved little Hanna is turning 3!

We are celebrating early so G-PA can be apart…this may be the most celebrated 3 year old in a while…first we celebrated moving weekend with Grandma Kitty and Gramps at Chilis with a special Brownie Sundae, they even sing which he told me they normally dont do but since it was for Hanna…



Shes loved not spoiled…at all lol : ) 

The thing was as big as her face and they brought 1 spoon..ha ha..funny waiter..He actually did a really great job with the madness of having 2 very tired kiddos in his station

This week I’ve been trying to do stuff for her…often I find I get so busy making stuff for others or my shop and telling Hanna…ok we will make you one and then..I don’t. So this week I made her a winter hat. We looked through my patterns and she didn’t seems so excited for any of them, so I asked what she wanted. Her answer..Purple and Pink. (Everything is Purple and Pink these days!)

I also revisited a link for doll diapers!


The only change I made was that I hot glued my velcro dots on instead of sewed them on. So easy I made all 4 last night. I’m hoping to come up with my own little pattern for some doll dresses to share with you guys.

And tomorrow is the princess Hanna’s party with her little friends and family!

We are so excited and blessed to have my Hanna. Thank You Lord for blessing me with her : ) 

My due date! We went a week past this..ugghhh. I even went to a pumpkin patch to try and “walk” her out..nope she was nice and comfy..

Our Hanna on the day we took her home from the hospital : ) 

She has had crazy hair from the beginning! Her great great grandma murphy told me a story about how someone once asked her where she got her permanent (perm)? She told her the good Lord gave that to her a 100 years ago (She passed away this month at the age of 102)..then she looked at Hanna and said..I think the Lord gave you a permanent too Hanna! : ) 

6 months : ) 

1st bday!!

Officially a BIG sister!! Hanna and Kyle


at her 2nd Birthday Party with her best buddy Sissie!

: ) Hope to have some great 3rd Birthday Tinkerbell Madness Party photos up soon ; ) if you have any suggestions.or ideas..we’re listening : )

Have a great day!



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