While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

Dino Mystery Solved

on September 10, 2012

so..Orange the dinosaur has been spending time with Tyler at work. Hanna was kinda annoyed that I asked her today where he was..but she told me that Green his little brother was at home with her.  : ) 

Tyler did solve the mystery about why Hanna keeps running to the door and telling us the dinosaur is going to get us..

We just moved from a town home to a lovely 1 story apartment. We live downstairs. The lady that lives upstairs tends to drop stuff and apparently marches at times. Not sure how she would feel knowing that an almost 3 year old thinks shes a dinosaur.

I laughed so hard! I kept thinking about her Elmo Dinosaur video where they tell the kids to “STOMP STOMP” like the dinosaurs. 

My Hanna, so creative. : ) 

So I’ve created a facebook page (I know take a day off and come back full force with 2 pages! lol..Trying to sell some crafts guys! : ) Do any of you have a facebook page for your business? Thoughts? Good/Bad?

Its not so hot right now but if you wanna go like it in good faith that it will get better : ) I’d be so grateful!


Id love to hear your feedback!

Sweet Dino Dreams!



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