While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping


on September 8, 2012

…All time views. Holy Smokes!

Months and Years

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
2010 186 260 168 614
2011 260 264 355 309 338 132 156 97 112 154 114 119 2,410
2012 70 134 106 123 99 101 157 217 76 1,083

I feel so loved : )

So I am taking a take a break from the beloved Facebook. I just need a break – so instead I’m blogging. Ha! Do you ever get that way?

I listed some new Horse Beanies on my Etsy shop:

Baby Horse Beanie Size 0-3 months


Baby Horse Beanie Size 0-3 months


Its a definitely a best seller : ) The pattern is from Crochet my Love she really does have some fabulous patterns and designs. Sometimes I have to convince myself that I need to at least make 1 of the patterns I have now before I start purchasing more lol : )

In celebration of all my blog world views, I’d like to over a special coupon at my Etsy shop for free shipping just enter in LOVE2012 and it will give you free shipping. I didn’t even put it on my Facebook, its a blog exclusive discount. http://www.etsy.com/shop/Whileyouwerenapping <– if you wanna head on over.

In family news we have a new member to our little family…Orange. Orange the Dinosaur. It all started a few mornings ago when Hanna told me we had to hurry or the dinosaur would get us while we were in the bathroom. Then she started picking up her toys quickly later that afternoon and when I asked her why she said…so my dinosaur no eat them. So we sat down and I asked her about this dino.

Hanna what is your dinosaurs name?


Oh thats nice, what color is he


of course he is. What does he like to eat?

him like sghetti.

my kinda of dinosaur. lol

All of our sweet friends keep telling me that imaginary friends are a sign of intelligence.  : ) I have no doubt my kiddo is a genius. Although we did have to kinda frown upon Orange eating her imaginary friend Beth (who is apparently named after her REAL LIFE friend Beth!)

Oh how I love that girl!

Kyle has discovered hugs and while shrug his little shoulders and say “no” if he doesn’t “know” where something that you ask him is at. : ) Last night he snuggled under his pillow and fell fast asleep while I was putting sister to bed. He has such a sweet spirit. Unless of course you aren’t giving him what he wants…oh man then watch out : ) We are working on it. Lots of prayer..oh Lord lots of prayer.  : )

Kinda blurry but you get the idea : )

Welp I’m gonna go snuggle with a movie and some yarn..maybe some icecream : ) Hope everyone has a great night and thank you for stopping by and peeking in on our corner of the world.




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