While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

we finally moved in!

on September 4, 2012

yay…thanks to great family and friends we are finally moved in to our new home for the next year. So far all I miss about our old place is the washer dryer! Although the laundry room is not too far away. We had our first surprise guess in our towel laundry..a pair of lacy underwear. lol It made for a good laugh.

It was quite an adventure the moving. I didn’t actually get to take any part in it. Kyle had an allergic reaction to some laundry soap that I had thought was Hand and Foot. We waited 6 hours at the ER which can only be so much fun with a 16 month old little guy. Then when we were finally called back he had a freakout and was screaming bloody murder. The ER doctor assured me it was the laundry soap even with the blisters on his hands. So my amazing mother in law re-washed all of our clothes (in the midst of moving) and within a day the blisters were gone and the rash went away. Crazy. I normally make our laundry soap but grabbed a quick bottle because they were out of an ingredient that I needed. (We use 1 Fetz Nap Bar – grated, 1 cup of Arm and Hammer Washing Soda and 1 cup of Borax..Mix up, used 1 -2 tbsps per load). Needless to say as much as I love the brand ALL we will not be using it again unless its Free and Clear.

The kids each have their own room in this new apartment which I think they are enjoying. Kyle did get up looking for Hanna the first night and they have their moments where Hanna tells him to get out of her room. It nice having a place for them to play with the bazillion toys they own. Even after going through their toys and books and donating quite a bit they still own way too much stuff. We all own way too much stuff.

Yesterday we went to OKC to have a family day. We went to the Science Museum of OKC, it was a lot of fun. So hands on! Tye and I were talking and we don’t remember museums being so hands on when we were younger and we are so thankful that its like that now. They did a really great job of making sure it was geared towards all ages..Kyle and Tyler had fun. : ) Hanna, Kyle and I went down a HUGE treehouse slide. I originally thought it was just a little loopy slide and then as I followed Kyle up the stairs I could see we were going to the ceiling. My elbow is a little scrapped up, turns out my body doesn’t turn that way and will contort in different ways to make sure Kyle has a fun time down the slide..lol the things we do for our kids

We also went to Penn Square Mall and visited the Build a Bear Workshop. For Tyler’s last deployment, we made each other bears. He took his to Iraq and I kept mine here. As childish or silly as it sounds it nice to hold on to something that someone you loved who is far away made for you. So Hanna picked out a Puppy (Princess Ruff) and Kyle picked out a sweet little Bear (Barry). Tyler got a Monkey and I got a Rabbit. Tyler recorded his voice saying I love you, in each of their little animals. When we got home he showed them they could press the paw and hear daddys voice even when hes far away. So Hanna was walking around with her little puppy pressing the paw and responding, I love you Daddy. I think they were a hit, a small fortune but a hit. He will be leaving over the next few weeks if you will say a prayer for our little ones.

Does anyone have any great ideas for a Tinkerbell Party??? My Hanna is turning 3 and that is all she can talk about! : )

Welp were off to get the day started..wells its been started for a while just need to start accomplishing stuff!

Hope you guys have a great week!



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