While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

so very very blessed

on August 19, 2012

I have always known that I am blessed with a great life. But I truly find things everyday that make me just smile and realize again how great I have it, even when I feel like life is a little crazy.

For instance, earlier this week Hanna had asked for pancakes. We had used the last bit of the pancake batter for breakfast earlier in the week so I told her that we could pick up some more and maybe daddy would make us some on Sunday. I forgot to pick up pancake batter, once brother began screaming..letting all of Wal-Mart know, our shopping trip would be coming to a close soon. 

Honestly I thought she would forget because for those of your that aren’t Wescotts…Sunday, is also doughnut day. We stop by J’s Doughnuts we get 1 custard filled glazed, 4 kolaches, and a dozen doughnut holes split between 2 bags along with a Monster Energy drink and a Coke. (Beverages of Champions, I know. Han and Kye should really have a talk with their parents about healthier breakfast drink choices) – Every Sunday..its $10 and change. Its a great people watching experience.

I came in from talking to my sister on the phone and noticed that Tyler was messing with stuff in the kitchen and asked what he was doing. He told me, getting pancake batter ready for tomorrow. I had totally forgot that I told her we could have pancakes and probably she would have been ok with not having them, I actually doubt that she would even remember, but her Daddy who loves her more than anything..he remembered. Because he is awesome like that. 

He’s a beyond awesome dad and husband. I am blessed to call him mine.  : ) 

Be sure to tell the ones you love them that you do : ) I am so thankful for my Tyler!



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