While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping


on August 10, 2012

I’m pretty sure if I were ever on chopped (I’m pretty sure I have friends who are laughing at the mere thought that I would assume that I would be chosen to be on the esteemed show chopped…*sigh* me too..) but as I was saying..if I were ever on chopped I would rather be the host than the contestant or the judge. Some of the stuff they put in that basket is crazy!!!

I’d also like to take this moment to thank The Food Network for their faithfulness of running Chopped Reruns at 11:00 at night for when I can’t sleep. I’d also like to thank my children and Family Video for making me non-human and ruining any hopes at ever having a normal sleep pattern. : ) And you…for reading my rambling, where would we be without you humoring me but in all seriousness…thank you for reading, whoever, where ever you may be. Please don’t stop 🙂

So, as stated in other post, I am openly a horrible cook. Its actually in my top 5 reason why I married Tyler because my man..can cook. He can make some deliciousness. Me on the other hand…I had to make his birthday cake twice. I was born to be a taster, food order, and supporter of the drive through. However…my chef is deploying soon and I will be left to fend for not only myself but my littles. Dear Lord, help us. I’ve come a long way but I usually have to give myself a good old fashion pep rally before tackling a recipe.

This week I happen have a total of 6 hours scheduled at work…I’ve had a lot of time on my hands…I have been researching different recipes. With Tyler deploying this fall, I’ve gotta woman up : ) Any dinner recipe suggestions are welcome here…let the sharing begin! Remember I need simple, kid friendly, and photos if possible (#1 reason why The Pioneer Woman is my favorite –She has helpful photos!)

Well today, I decided that I really wanted something grilled. Summertime almost needs grilled food to feel complete. Mind you, I was explained how the grill worked over the phone while Tyler was in the field so I could grill hot dogs for the kiddos and friends kiddos because it sounded fun. Clearly I’m ready for something like adult dinner with my hot dog starter run over a month ago. Thankfully, my cousins husband has a lovely grilling blog. No sarcasm here..I realize there has been A LOT so far in this post but this is all seriousness. You should go check it out, however I will warn you that you might drool a little at just the photos. Not joking. 

With our further rambling let me share with you about the Wescott Family’s dinner experience thanks to:

Tyler loves the name of his blog 🙂 

We tried the: 

It was easy, it was delicious. I made my husband proud. Even told me it was good, more than once. That means its true.  : ) We didn’t put near as much cayenne because I have toddlers, who while adventurous little eaters are just not ready for the spice that is cayenne. I’m not sure Tye and I are, were kinda whimps. 
I also used this handy link that was on the recipe:

Indirect Cooking Setup for Charcoal Grill

Our grill is exactly like this…I was so happy not only did I get a recipe but I got..hey here is how you do it and you don’t have to call your husband a million times. Total empowerment. 

I know no yarn, no etsy, no photos of adorable children. Have I been hacked? : ) No just can’t sleep and thought I’d share this great find. Don’t worry I’ll have a yarn, sweet faces of the most beautiful children post coming at you soon. Until then, you’ll just have to check out meatfiregood.com. : ) 

Sweet BBQue Dreams Blogworld,


2 responses to “chopped

  1. Alana Ammons says:

    You’re on Pinterest right? that’s a great place to find recipe inspiration and loaded with photos! Congrats on a successful dinner! YAY!!

  2. that is true Alana! guess I should try some of those : )

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