While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

the tooth fairy…

on August 6, 2012

I love having friends who have kids that are older than mine. They make me excited to do cute mom stuff for my littles!

One of my childhood friends little guy just lost his first tooth. I think he was just born yesterday, not sure how hes already loosing teeth. : ) They grow up too fast.

She had posted this earlier this week (which I thought was hilarious) 

So before that tooth came out today I’d been trying to get him to pull it so the tooth fairy would visit him. Just after he said the tooth fairy wasn’t real anyway (because he didn’t want to pull it) a light fell from my ceiling. He freaked out and I told him it was because the tooth fairy was mad he said she wasn’t real. That tooth is safely tucked under his pillow. Pretty soon he won’t believe. Wish I could freeze time. I don’t want him growing up so fast.

It inspired me to look up things to make that day so special for when Hanna and Kyle loose their first teeth, maybe send this little guy some tooth fairy mail, just to keep the magic alive! I would love to see his face..I’m almost convinced I’m going to do it just have to figure out what. Anyways…here are some cool links I found in the wonderful world of Pinterest:

Mini Tooth Fairy Door


This one is by far my favorite! 

Tooth fairy gift... Dollar basket and tiny note

This mom wins most creative…Sparkle Fangs..Love it! and her daughters sweet letter back to Sparkle Fangs…so sweet!



So Sweet and innocent: http://ninimakes.typepad.com/nini_makes/2007/08/if-your-childre.html



I know its something so simple but its encouraging to see other mommas out there using their craftiness to create great memories for their kiddos! I still remember the magic of the tooth fairy..although the tooth fairy that lived at grandmas always left me more than what was left at home. lol.

Speaking of sweet innocence I must share a sweet story about my little ones today. So Kyle my sweet sweet boy has become a tantrum throwing strong independent boy. oh joy. Well today after church he was insisting that I carry him. Well the boy weighs 28 pounds and is quite a skillful walker. I also wasnt carrying sister (who is a mere 3 pounds more) who was requesting being held. We are trying to ignore the fit throwing and when he doesn’t come when called or told just telling well, we will see you later. The well we will see you later works great. Well today on our way out after we made it through the glass doors he was so upset that he couldn’t walk through…he laid down on the concrete and began to cry (lets be honest..scream bloody murder..its such hard work walking to the car). Well we told him to get up and he didn’t. At this time one of our pastors and dear friends were walking by and Pastor Gary said..I’d leave him and grinned. So we told Kyle, ok see ya later and started to walk away. Of course we aren’t going to leave him. However, Hanna apparently thought that we were….She looks back and screams..NOOO, Kyle I love you! and went and helped him up off the ground and held his hand as they walked to the car. 

I know in a few years they may not be this sweet to each other but I’d like to just lock up this love they have for each other and put it back in them when they are teenagers! 

I know that parents have different parenting styles and view on how to raise their children but let me encourage you to make the most of the little childhood moments you have with your kids. We’re never promised tomorrow so lets make the most of today!



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