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lets be honest, i wish they were napping

photos and new starts

on July 28, 2012

welp we officially put in our 30 day notice at the “lovely” Timbers Apartments. 

there are no tears, well maybe when I think about the packing and cleaning. But I am thankful I have a wonderful husband and family who are coming to help. We are also moving in a week before our 30 days are up so we have enough time with Tyler working and watching these sweet children of mine.

I’m really excited that our new place has 3 bedrooms! I think we are still going to have the kids share a room because I don’t know that Kyle is going to be willing to part with his sister so we are thinking a “bedroom” and a playroom/office. Has anyone done this before? I was chatting with my Best Friend Heather and she said that she has friends who has this setup with their boys and it nice because they know that in the bedroom..all you do is rest and sleep. I like that idea. 

I’m trying to research all kinds of organization and layouts, so we can start off right. I also just want us to make some plans and goals for our family while Tyler is deployed. Personal and as a family. One of my goals is to be more involved in our church’s womens program “Girlfriends” to hopefully meet some nice ladies to be friends with and to challenge me and my walk with God. I haven’t really had a chance to go and be a part working full time so hopefully I’ll get up the courage to go, even if its by myself.

Our new apartment has a fitness center but I also saw that the YMCA here has childcare available for parents who work out and I think that might be a good idea to. Gives the kids a chance to play with others and not just be at home with me and each other. I do have information on a mom’s group and we’ve gone once but I just don’t think its for me. 

Essentially I’m hoping to build a little schedule for us that keeps us busy and mind off of Daddy being home but flexible enough that if we miss out on something its not the end of the world.

Not to much exciting going on here at the homefront, I did try a new crochet pattern from Micah Makes http://www.micahmakes.com:

I’m not crazy how it turned out with this yarn but the pattern did say to use two strands of yarn (which is how the cowboy hat is done) But I think I would rather try it with Caron Yarn. Its just much softer.

It is a hit with Miss Hanna though, she keeps wearing it even though she told me..I sweaty..ha ha..

I love this girl. Shes such a joy! 

I’ll post a photo once I have it in a yarn I like. I do like the pattern though. I think I just had a poor yarn choice. 

My wonderful Husband turned 29 this past weekend, we hosted a little Mustache party for him. It was fun to plan, kinda disappointed in the turn out but he said he had fun and he got his Oatmeal Sheet Cake. I only had to make it twice! lol : ) I’m not a baker. I’m not a cook either. I probably should only be allowed to wash dishes and eat food. HA! Thats why I married a chef. I’m learning. I know I was driving him nuts while  baking it. But I’m glad that it came out good for him. It was gone in a day so thats gotta be a good sign:

Of course the underlying theme…orange. My mans favorite color! ha ha!

Welp time to clean up the living room. Tyler got home, had dinner and then had a 100% recall. Of course after he had changed his clothes, poor guy. 

I’ll leave you with our photos we got back from our photo session while we were visiting my parents in Houston. They are done by You’ve Been Framed Photography, Kelly Wakefield. She did an awesome job!

this boy wasn’t having his photo taken…please pardon the pacifier. He had a long week!

my favorite of him

oh my Hanna shes so beautiful!

this one makes me laugh so hard! she was done..no more..take me to mcdonalds! ha ha!!

Hope you guys have a great week!



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