While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

Daddy, we need to get out of here…

on July 12, 2012

so we just got home from a week and a half of visiting at my parents house. we had a great time. it was a busy time but a great one. I didn’t get schedule at work for the first part of the week so we headed out a few days earlier, thinking we would take care of the “business stuff” of the trip (replace a car sticker, get my license renewed..etc etc etc.) But instead we ended up having lunch with my mom, taking the kids to a nature park. It was fun.

On Wednesday we took the kids to the Woodlands to watch firecrackers, it was fun. Hanna was not interested in them at all, in fact she told my dad “GPA cover your eyes so it doesn’t get in them!”  Kyle was very interested in them. They didn’t start the show until 9:30 so at 10 when it was over it was like CRAZY traffic. (If only we had thought to just watch them in the store parking lot across from the mall…next year, next year we have a plan. lol. So we sat in the car for a while and I looked at Tyler and said wanna see if mom and dad wanna go get a snack while the traffic clears out? Which turned out to be a fun plan too : )

Thursday, we went and got my little brother and went to the beach!

Here is a picture of my little sand bug! : ) He was very clingy this trip and I really wanted him to not be..lol. I wanted to play in the gross Galveston Water…(after visiting FL & CA…Galveston water will always just look so dreadful) so his daddy showed him how to dig a hole. Which normally I don’t think he would have been so cool with but God in His wisdom created the tide that washes your hands off as you dig. : ) He loved it.

so did Han : ) Here she is with her “oskin” or Uncle Austin : )

Then on Friday I hit a milestone…Happy 30th Birthday to me : ) Celebrated by going to my grandmas for a Family Reunion, we missed a few folks by a few days but overall it was a wonderful day! Kyle was so excited to meet and greet, he felt he didn’t need a nap..until like 5:30 when he crashed for about an hour. lol. My kids have always been that way, afraid they will miss something if they fall asleep.

My cousins husband Scott did a great job with photos : )

heres our mini branch of the McCafferty Clan : ) Just missing Amy!!

You can tell who the in-law is by how tall he is : )

Saturday, we thought we’d get the kids photos taken by my mom’s friend who does photos at the http://www.cp4.hctx.net/mercer/ Mercer Arboretum…beautiful place…well my kids decided, they werent so excited about photos…

as seen here lol..but she got some good ones like this sweet one:

once we have the finished product I’ll show them off but those are too funny not to share.

My husband also arranged a ‘girls day’ as his gift which was AWESOME!! We met up at my parents house, and went to dinner and a movie, a shopping spree, and he purchased gift certificates for mani/pedis for ALL of us : ) Then we came home to drinks and desserts on the patio. I have..no photos from it…I was having too much fun!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYo2R7qK_8A&hd=1 Here is a link of Hanna singing Happy Birthday to me, the hand is her microphone…obviously!

The rest of the week was pretty much normal family stuff church on Sunday and Monday we swam and my dad wasn’t feeling too well. We did go to Dave and Busters to meet up with some of my great college friends. It was fun, and I won 1000 tickets on a game!

On our last day we took the kids to the Woodlands Children Museum its $5 for 2 and older, absolutely worth it. We had a great time : )

On the way home Tyler let me look for a few Geocaches..we actually found 3! : ) Fun stuff. It could be a very addicting hobby for sure. If you haven’t heard about it here is the link: geocaching.com Hanna was ready to go home…at one of the stops she told her daddy: Daddy, we need to get out of here..lol. She also asked to go to our house close to the end of our visit. She had fun, but she was ready to head home. My mom did a lot of fun stuff with them like glow stick bath, she bought water wings for the pool, and had so many snacks! She did good in the grammy world this week : )

Welp were home and Tyler has started unpacking and Kyle is awake from his nap so I better get going, just wanted to share all the fun we had on our trip! Hope you summer is going great too!

Hoping your day is filled with fun!



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