While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

remember this?

on June 29, 2012

Remember the chair I found in the dumpster at work? Well I recovered it and tada it was this:

Well then I had a second child and the top ripped, and we were potty training and Hanna had an accident on it..poor poor chair..

Well it has new life again —

I put a little pocket on the back..its not centered so I’m not sharing a photo of it but Hanna has been putting her plastic “fried eggies” in it. So I think it safe to say that she liked it. Its a little bit bigger than the last one. The kids love it and thats all that matters.

We had a really great day today…we started with a Pinterest idea..of using Eye Droppers to drop colored vinegar in baking soda. It was a good exercise for Hanna in how to squeeze the eye dropper part and to carefully bring it over the pan. Lasted about 40 minutes

I really love pinterest and all the ideas that are there, I wish I had more time to do ideas from there. I think a lot will be coming into play while we visit my mom this next week. So far we have a nail polish party, glow stick bath and ice cream topping bar on the list : ) How can you go wrong with those things?

We also revisited the SPRAY PARK..dun dun dun…and it was successful. I have no photos because I was busy chasing Hanna telling her not to run. Kyle did discover that Hats are useful. to collect water and to shield eyes from the sun

He was tuckered out after playing today

 It was a fun day.

Hope you had a fun summer day!



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