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crazy girl

on June 5, 2012

crazy crazy kids. lol

so tye is in the field for a MONTH..which isn’t all that bad. a little more work but since I’m only working part time, its much more manageable. Last year when he was in the field, I gave my keys to Hanna to keep her quiet while I loaded up the car at WalMart, the wind blew the door shut and Hanna hit the lock button. Yep, her and her infant brother during summer locked in the car. Needless to say I had to call the police department and they had to bust out my window.

So here we were Day 2 of this field problem and we decided to go to the Spray Park, a little water park they have on post. Sounds innocent enough. We got there and the water smelled horrible, so they had to turn off the pump and we decided to have lunch (we met up with our friends). Well we went back in and I was so worried about Kyle because he had already bumped his head, and was insisting on climbing on the bench when I heard Hanna’s blood curdling cry..and then I saw blood gushing and I could see into her chin. ew.

Thankfully, our friend took Kyle and I headed to the ER with Hanna. Of course my military ID is expired. Of course, procrastination has finally caught up with us. But they were actually really nice about it, I was expecting a lecture. Anyways, Tyler just happen to be getting gas on post so he popped in to give her a kiss. 

She was calm and collective until they called her back to do the take your stats stuff, but then the nurse wanted to see the “owie”….oh dear Lord.  I should add that Hanna kept pointing at the lady who took her temperature and offered a band-aid saying the most vindictive two year old voice…”I no like her”…yi yi yi..this child! She wanted to talk to daddy right away, but we couldn’t get him so she decided she need to talk to her “had” (her Uncle Thad)…oh the things we do to make our Hanna happy. 

Eventually, two doctors came out in to the waiting room, scanned it, saw Hanna and said, oh thats her… (she was playing with a color app on my phone). The younger doctor looked and said, oh yeah, we can glue her up? don’t ya think doc?…lol. Yes, please “glue up” my child. Actually I was so relieved because anyone who had gone to inspect the chin made her scream, I couldn’t imagine if she actually had to have stiches…so  After wrestling and holding down my child and a 2 hour ER visit, she was all glued up and ready to go…covered in stickers and she even scored one for her brother.

Photo: Mad oh so mad

She wasn’t really in a picture mood. You can’t even see where she fell.. She was so brave though for being 2. No accidents. She kept asking where her brother was. She sure does love her Kye Kye.

Last night she had to go to timeout….I went to do something in the kitchen. I looked over..there was Kyle with the same expression glaring at me. lol SO cute and funny. I fear when they get older and get in trouble lol. 

They have been so good though really for how little they are and not being able to fully understand why dad’s not able to be here right now. 

Photo: Me and my sweeties

sure do love these sweet crazy kids!



One response to “crazy girl

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    So glad she’s OK and that you were all full of smiles by the end! 🙂

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