While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

Crochet From the Road

on May 27, 2012

So while we were traveling I had a chance to crochet quite a bit. Fun. : )

We have a friend whose little guy just learned how to RAWR 🙂 So I’ve been wanting to make a Dinosaur hat for him. So I gave it a practice run at 2 little ones:

Navy and Neon Green 0-3 Month Dinosaur Baby Beanie


Neon Pink 0-3 Month Baby Girl Dinosaur Hat


I think they turned out pretty cute 🙂

I also tried a pattern I bought from Crochet My Love Design

Baby Boy Beard Hat 3-6 months


Are you giggling from ear to ear just looking at it? You should have seen Chunky Kyle in it. It was too funny. He was not up for any photos of it. I almost think it was annoyed I was using him for my humor. ha ha…

I’m hoping since I’m only working Part Time now I will be able to do some more. It is so fun. I know it labels me a granny but I’m ok with it lol 🙂 We almost purchased a book in IL where a girl made novelty crochet scarves like…bacon and egg scarves they were so fun! I think I love crocheting so much because it is so versatile you can make something so delicate and beautiful and will one day be an heirloom or you can make a bacon egg scarf. 🙂 



Although I am missing my sewing machine. I think you will be seeing some stuff from that soon. Gotta clean the dust off of it. I have an idea for a project for Tyler’s godson. He’s really into this game SKYLANDERS: http://www.skylanders.com/ I was schooled in it when we went home for our visit.

Anyways He has all these different “guys” but no way to store them, I was thinking like a wall hanging thing or something he could roll up and take places…I’ve got some ideas…

Anyways hope you enjoyed what I’ve been working on. We had a fun day swimming today with some sweet friends, who I missed while we were gone. I’m hoping we will get to hang out with them some this summer too! 

Real quick funny work antidote, so I work at a video rental store. Today someone calls, I’m assuming it was a pre-teen, I’d be really disappointed if it was an adult, not surprised but disappointed..anyways..they are asking if we have games for sale or do we just rent them. I tell them we mainly rent games but we do sell some of our rental games. Then they ask this question: Whats the difference between renting and purchasing?

I almost thought I was being punk’d. The even greater part was that I actually had to explain it with out saying “seriously?” lol 

welp off to watch some movies, I’ll let you know if I watch anything good



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