While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

a packed weekend

on May 7, 2012

we had a great weekend…it started with:

the hubs being officially made a SGT. He had the unique experience of having his brother who is a CPT promote him and also do his re-enlistment ceremony.  That’s right looks like we are an ARMY family for at least another 3 years. We have some changes and challenges ahead of us but I have faith in us that they will be some great years. One of the changes in starting soon I will be working just part-time, still a manager but just less hours so I can spend more time with our kids since Tyler is needed more at work.

We also have a deployment coming up, so we will probably have a “Wescott Family Tour” trying to fit in everyone we can during this summer. Then trying to decide what is the best fit for our kids and I while Tyler is deployed, lots of prayers are greatly appreciated.

Also a great day for the McCafferty Family, my little sister made the rank of SSG. So proud of her and all of her hard work. I know shes a great leader, I hope they value her because it sure would be nice to have her closer to us. We wish her all the best in all that life brings her.

We also took part in the OKC MS Walk, in honor of our friend Bobbie Jo, who is such a blessing to our family. Our team raised $178, very exciting.

Here are some of my favorite photos my Brother In Law took:

love my boys!!

Sure am thankful for this girl! Love our Bobbie Jo!!

love my little family 🙂

gotta have those sunnies 🙂

Hanna saw this and said…thats sissie hanna 🙂 they  are BEST BUDDIES

hes so handsome 🙂

the babes and Thad’s great dog, Lycan. He was such a great sport this weekend. Our kids love him…ok so we all love Lycan. I constantly tell Tyler, when we decide to get a family dog…it has to be just like Lycan, hopefully a Lycan puppy. One day but not until we are past diapers…ha ha

I feel like this past week has been horribly chaotic and I also have been fighting a cold/respiratory infection. I’m just ready for the change to take place and be in a routine again. I am a creature of routine, yet I am constantly surrounded by change. Oh Lord you have such a sense of humor, as long as I can call on you, I will do my best!

We also had a special little guy in our lives turn on, although we weren’t able to make it to his party 😦

Happy Birthday Rockie! Thanks for being such a great friend to Kyle and Hanna, we love you buddy!!

So Update in Potty adventures:

At risk of sounding over confident: Hanna has only had 1 accident each day since she started going all panties. Once was during a nap and she woke up saying: Pee in panties for babies…She’s been a pooping machine. I mean the M & M’s probably don’t hurt. : )  Thank You Tinkerbell, I take back all the horrible things I said about how slutty you dressed.

Welp I have to off today so I’m off to spend it with the ones I love the best!!

Hope you get to spend some time with your loves today



2 responses to “a packed weekend

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Your family is just so sweet! Deployment sounds scary to me, with our non-military family. Thanks to you and your family for all the sacrifices you make for the rest of us! I’m proud to know you!

    • AWW thanks for your kind words Sarah, you are too sweet. Deployment will be ok, just different. Thank goodness for technology and family.

      Thanks for all your quilt post, I’ve been trying to think of some thing to make for Ty (probably some type of blanket that won’t take up too much room) and something for the kiddos so they have something to hold on to until he gets home, your blog is so inspiring!

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