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the boy and his bottle…the girl and her potty

on April 26, 2012

so kyle has pretty much given up his paci. occasionally he will get it back if he needs help going down for a nap or to sleep for the night.

the bottle however….is a big battle.

I don’t remember having this problem with Hanna. Granted the child still goes to bed with a sippy cup. bad mom award, I know, I know. 

So I decided to give Kyle a soft top sippy cup thinking it would have the same effect as the bottle. He looked at it like “why have you betrayed me mother” and threw it out of his crib. lol I know its not funny. its serious stuff. 

so any advice as to what to do out there in blog world? how did you get your kiddos off of the bottle completely. It has crossed my mind to make him just go cold turkey and throw them all out. He’ll eventually get thirsty or tired enough right? I know I’m not doing him any favors by letting him hold on to it…But I have that age old problem…

hes my baby. lol 

Seriously could you say no to that face?  : ) 

In girl news, Hanna has been doing much better with her potty. She is at this point:

she will go a little in her pullup and then raise her eyebrows and say…I need potty! Makes my heart so happy. She also knows that all the stuff goes in the potty. Just reinforcement. 

Now to be brave, and to let her go in panties. I honestly think I need to take a few days off in a row and bite the bullet. The thing with the panties is that she is quite happy to pee in the potty, its the other function I fear. lol. Any tips advice.

Total Mom blog today. sorry blog world. 



2 responses to “the boy and his bottle…the girl and her potty

  1. Noel says:

    So I never had any problems with either of my girls getting them off the bottle. I started them young though with sippy cups, like I introduced it around 4 months. Kayleigh and Chloe both were off the bottle by 10 months. Now the paci was a HUGE battle with Chloe but like everyone says 3 days cold turkey and it’s fine and it was. I’m gonna give Kayleigh a couple more months before I start to take it away but thankfully she’s not as addicted as Chloe was. I would just take the bottle away, like you said if he gets thirsty enough, he’ll drink. Now going with panties was seriously scary! But I put a pad in Chloe’s. That way she felt the pee, was still in big girl panties, and it didn’t make too big of a mess. Eventually though she did just go with panties and still had a few accidents, but it’s all part of potty training unfortunately. Hope that helps 🙂

    • that is really helpful Noel, I never thought about putting a pad in her panties..hmmm. I think were just gonna have to go cold turkey on the bottle…break this poor mommas heart lol If only he knew how hard it was for me..little stinker!

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