While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

phone phone phone..

on April 22, 2012

I was trying to wait to post a blog until I had photos from Kye’s birthday party but I’m needing some help, most the time if Im needing help throwing it out into the blog world I get a good response. 

Don’t ya know as soon as the words…”my kids are so good, they play with my phone and drop it all the time and nothing happens. that thing is indestructible.. blah blah blah” I jinx myself and I’m proved wrong. 

My dear sweet lovable son was fussing today because my delightful daughter had a toy and he didn’t. And like any good mother who had trusted her phone with her children, I handed to home. Remember its indestructible. Then we heard it fall. 😦 RIP little HTC phone. We are due new ones anyways..

That is where you come in! 

What phone would you recommend and where do you have your plan?

The hubs was a iphone. I want one that I get service in our apartment. Sorry T-Mobile but in Lawton, you kinda suck, I just wanna use my phone when umm…I would like to use it. Its only fair since I send you a ridiculous about of money each month to do so.

Ok for real wish list: I do take an insane amount of photos on my phone of my kids. Its so nice to be able to upload them for fam to see and to text them, so I wanna keep that. I also like being able to get on facebook and check my email. Thats pretty much the max I can do on my phone and it keeps me happy. Maybe a cool game? lol OH and an alarm clock. 🙂 ha ha..

Help me please 🙂 And have a great week



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