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8.25 Jiggawatts..

on February 21, 2012

what is a jiggawatt, you may be wondering. well its a unit of measurement that one uses to describe their happiness in the wescott family. its also a misquoted movie line from Back to the Future. dont judge us. we’ve embraced it made it our own. what are families if we don’t have things like jiggawatts?

my wonderful hubs the first time he took me to IL, while crossing the state line and possibly having way too much energy drinking running through his veins announced that he was 8.25 jiggawatts happy that we were going to see his family. So since when we go somewhere we really like, we call is an 8.25 jiggawatt happy place. For Valentines, he surprised me (well our family) with a trip this past weekend to Waxahachie, which is so near and dear to my heart. Lets be honest if I could pack up our house find jobs for both of us and know that Tyler was happy, we’d be there tomorrow. I can’t explain why because its not even that Waxahachie has all that much or even the greatest stuff. Definitely, has great people

We drove down Saturday morning to the Ft. Worth Childrens Museum. We got to have a snack with my great friend Stef who happened to be in town from CN and will soon be heading to Africa again. We  got to see her mom and dad and niece and nephew too. I love friends that you can be friends with their families too. Then to Hanna and Kyle’s surprise, Grammy and G-Pa showed up to play! I love my parents 🙂 The kids had a lot of fun.

Then we thought, we’re in Ft. Worth, we always see Ft. Worth on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives on the Food Network Channel : http://www.foodnetwork.com/diners-drive-ins-and-dives/index.html so we rush to the car try to see if we can pull up one. Its raining, phone batteries are low and phones are slow so ta-da..one comes up Fred’s Cafe. http://www.fredstexascafe.com/ I thought, I’ve heard of that lets go. Ok maybe I was just excited to go.

First let me say if this was just me, ty and the parents would have been great. But we got to this tiny diner after parking a block and a half away walking in the rain. and we walked in and I instantly knew. ha ha..this place is not going to have high chairs lol. Hanna and Kye got to sit in the tiny booth with us 🙂 IT was a memory for sure!  Burgers were great. Not sure it is the same menu from when the show actually visited but it was fun. We walked out and I looked at my mom and said..I just took my kids to eat in a bar didn’t I ? 

Then we head to Waxhachie to see our dear friends the Orrills, got up and went to church at New Bethel (felt so love! its nice to have place to visit and it feels like home) http://www.newbethel.us  and had lunch with some more great friends, the Dalrymples. Then back to the Orrills for some Sunday Funday family fun we played Sour Apples to Apples. Monday pretty chill..got to have lunch with the lovely Dawn Benson, then Heather and I escape and went to an antique shop..were so old. Then some DQ with one of m favorite fams the Varners…

Today is put away the junk day..and work lol…better get moving.

r.4fiefbrrfigni9f9ir9i-m.. from Kye

🙂 Amanda


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