While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

dear blog…love amanda

on November 8, 2011

i’m so sorry i havent written more. November and fall in general is proving to be a very busy month. things are good though. kids are good. were waiting for a referral for hanna’s eyes checked out but nothing is slowing that girl down! 🙂 We recently had a visit from aunt amy and each day at least once she ask me..mommy..where’s amy? i tell amys at home, she just sighs..amy home. : ) this weeks her word has been where..wheres my ju-ju? where my shoes? where my mulk? (thats how shes says milk when shes really tired and whiney). She also is learning to do that kid thing where you try every option to get out of going to bed. from book, I go pee and pray momma?

Potty training is getting a lot better. she is going on the big potty (leave it to hanna..doing things in her own time has always been her theme). shes still unconsistent but daddy has off quite a bit in november so we are hoping to get it more consistent.

smiley kye is good too..rolling rolling everywhere so far he can scoot and roll and he seems quite content with that. he has discovered puffs. but hasn’t discovered that you need to use your hands to eat them. instead if you put one in your palm he grabs your hand and either pulls your hand to his face or brings his face to your hand. No teeth yet, lots of drooling and putting everything in his mouth. its so hard not to compare to where hanna was at his age, trying to remember they individuals and that Kyle will do things in his own time : ) if hes anything like his sister that he adores.

other than that we are getting ready for a wedding for my dear friend Ashley! and then our GA trip to see Tyler’s brother Thad. we are also celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary (nov 23rd…we will be driving..how romantic..lol). time has gone so fast but its been amazing, and i would not trade one moment of it! I’m so thankful for this life that God has blessed me with.

looks like we might actually have our whole family in one place again this coming weekend too my lil sister is in san antonio for school and might (fingers crossed) be able to get a pass for the weekend..I hope I hope I hope : ) it would be fun.

welp gotta work in the morning. i’m working on some projects I”ll take photos and post soon. : )



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