While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

chair makeover

on June 24, 2011



SO I found this little chair one night when I was closing, Family Video is by a learning center and they had set in the dumpster area (not in the dumpster) with books and etc this little chair. Well I have a little girl who loves all things Hanna size so I grabbed it. Do we need a little chair? no. I think we are going to graduate her to this one from her little purple one she got for her birthday.  It turned out a LOT better than I anticipated. It did rip when I put it on one end…So I did a quick repair if Hanna really loves the chair I’ll do a permanent repair but no need to waste the time if she is going to prefer her little purple chair.

My sister Amy had a pink fuzzy chair until…I don’t know, Amy do you still have that chair? I remember it was everywhere. Hanna is the same way with her little chairs. We actually had to put away her princess table because she insisted that it be set up if its out and Hanna toting chairs plus Kyle chillin on the floor equals one worried mom! One day we will have a bigger house and a place just for toys or she will be able to have her toys in her room.

Well just wanted to show off what I worked on while they were napping…well one of them. Kyle insist on hanging out with momma 🙂 Isn’t he thoughtful? So sleepy but thoughtful. I’ll try to get a photo of Miss Priss in her new chair when she gets up..

Hope you guys have a great day!


so had to add this cute grin…noticed as I was taking it…someone needs a wardrobe/diaper change..story of my life!!!!


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