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some crafty link love

on June 20, 2011

so yesterday i cleared out 3 drawers in my/our dresser. i say my/our because until yesterday tyler’s clothes had never been in it…yikes. I also went through the closet and did a major overhaul. for a couple of reasons..1 why am I still holding on to these clothes that sadly I’m pretty sure are never going to fit me again, even after I lose weight. 2 how selfish is it to hold on to stuff when tyler has his clothes downstairs in the other dresser. 3 i am eventually going to be “lighter” and I’m going to want some new stuff..there fore I need to get rid of the old.

tyler said yesterday why don’t you save all these clothes for material or at least use like zippers and buttons and stuff. 🙂 a man who thinks to save zippers and stuff…yes, I think I fell a little deeper in love with him. 🙂 I don’t want to cut up a bunch of stuff that can go to goodwill and help others out but I do think I’ll go through and see what I can use to maybe make Hanna a few things…

When I was reading some blogs I subscribe I clicked on a link shared by Coop Crafts —http://coopcrafts.com(She has a really cute blog if you haven’t been by you should :))…so I stopped over here..there are lots of links for tutorials..I love tutorials!: http://www.lilblueboo.com/tutorials

So of course that sends me wanting to just search for other cute stuff 🙂 but since I hear Hanna upstairs thats all you get! 🙂 lol

Hope everyone has a great Monday!






2 responses to “some crafty link love

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Aww, you’re so sweet! Thank you Amanda, that just made my day! 🙂

    I think Tyler’s right though, you could really get some use out of old clothes if you want to recycle. Jeans, especially! I’ve seen some great purses made out of the pockets on cargo pants, and I love these crafty storage bins: http://blog.craftzine.com/archive/2011/04/denim_do-it-all_bins.html What about placemats: http://dollarstorecrafts.com/2011/06/make-upcycled-denim-placemats/ And I’ve told my Dad to save his old dress shirts. Eventually he’ll have great grandchildren, and I want to make them all quilts made from Pop’s soft shirts.

    • aww well its all true I really do enjoy reading your blog, especially since my time is limited with getting to sew…I did pull a few things out of the pile to recycle. I left all the maternity clothes because I remember how frustrated I was looking and maybe they will help another mom out. But, I think I can make Hanna a skirt and a dress..she is love with the plaid shorts that are in the pile..they were one of my favs too…so I’m looking for a kids shorts pattern….thanks for the links! I cant wait check them out. the shirt quilt sounds so great! what i would give for one of my papa shirts 🙂 Hope you have a great day!

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