While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping


on May 10, 2011

nope its not a year, its how many times my blog has been viewed. holy smokes.

So my parents bought Kyle the cutest bib:

Will Hunt for Food

Its a Washcloth Bib..I’m going to try and make one it looks super easy and its just like those Dish Towel Bibs but it doesn’t have to go over their head. Its basically 2 washcloths and bias tape… I found wash cloths on Clearance at Wal-Mart for .47 I figure those are worth at least trying before getting nicer wash cloths. I’ll be sure to post it once I have a chance to actually attempt it.

I started doing Wii Fit to help with this baby weight. I’ve been asked 2 times post Kyle if I was pregnant. Nice huh? I mean the kid is only a month old. For crying outloud.

Pause for moment to check out the sweet baby boy..

Hes starting to do all those cute baby noises, hes so sweet. 🙂

I’ve got Hanna in Big Girl panties today. So far we are down 1 minnie mouse. Apparently being in wet panties doesn’t bother her either. I cant remember if i posted or not her new word. Its “no” clear as day. She doesn’t scream it or yell just very matter of fact “no”. Hanna do you have to potty..ummmm “no”. auggh. I hate that word.

So those are the exciting things going on here..don’t be too jealous! Have a great day!



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