While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

a whole month old

on May 6, 2011

wow..Kyle is a month old today. That went by way too fast!!! : ) Most days its still hard to believe my little Hanna is 19 months! We were just celebrating her 1st birthday and now its almost time to plan for the big 2! In Sept we will have lived in Lawton for a year..yuck.

So the potty training went awesome for 2 days. Then Hanna decided shes not to interested in it at all.  I even got the cool pullups that get cold when they get wet and she was coming up to me when it would first it but after that, shes not bothered at all to sit in a wet diaper. She does get upset when she sits on the potty and doesn’t get an M &M.  She was just going poop in the potty which I thought would be the harder part of the two but my child also doesn’t like to be dirty. So I think once she figured out she didn’t have to have that stuff on her, she was happy to go in the potty.  I think I’m gonna put her little portable DVD player in there with some Elmo, she will sit for a minute, and make her like a treasure chest with some McDonald little toys in it or something…I’m going to have to get creative.  I have been painting her toes to get her to sit, since she loves to have her nails painted. 🙂 I don’t want to have too many negatives right now because she is still young and learning and I want it to be something she wants to do, Shes just so responsive to praise that I know when she is good and trained and we can implement the other.

Last night was a first. Normally, I sit in the rocker while Hanna falls asleep, well thats kinda hard with little guy. Last night I sat with her for an hour, she kept drifting in and out. Normally it takes ten minutes tops. So at an hour I went down stairs and washed the dishes, she went to the gate and threw a FIT. I hollered back up to her that she needed to go get in her bed and go ny-ny. And she did. Even got under the covers.  We might have to have a few more times of it but eventually she’ll learn to go to sleep on her own.

We’re lucky shes an easy kiddo.

I have found that if I just stay up at Kyles 4 or 5 feeding that I can get a whole bunch of stuff done before the kids even get up. However, if  I don’t go to bed by 8:30-9:00…I will crash the next morning like today lol. But I am going to try it.  I am really trying to be better about managing my time while I am home with the kids. If you guys will say a prayer for us while we try to figure out what we are going to do about our childcare in a few weeks. Its just so expensive and no one in Lawton will do part time care. Just want to make sure if they are going to be in daycare that I’m not just paying for someone to watch them and I’d really rather have them in a daycare where they are with other kids and multiple eyes are watching, rather than have one person at my house and they get overwhelmed God forbid something happens and Kyle and Hanna can’t do anything.  I know, I sound like super protective mom but they are 2 of my greatest treasures! Its my job to be super protective. And all the individual sitters have been like $10-$12 an hour, I don’t even get paid that..maybe I should just watch kids. lol

Welp gonna go hang out with Hanna at the potty 🙂 Wish us luck!

Have a GREAT day!



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