While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

wish i was napping..lol

on April 27, 2011

so week 3 almost of being a mom of 2. loving every moment of it. really I am. I am soo tired. lol

We went home for Easter. Had lots of fun. We didn’t call anyone and make plans so we could rest and visit with my dad. His surgery went well and now comes the recovery. He had a bit of a set back with some blood clots, so once this gets cleared up they can move forward with his recovery. Mom had a blast with Hanna and Kyle. We went swimming and did a little Easter egg hunt for Hanna. She did alot better than I thought, although she did want to throw them into the pool. lol.  Shes a little mischievous.

Mom let her feed the fish. Well the fish food looks just like her Kix cereal so Hanna popped some in her mouth, and proceeded to spit it right back out..but then took another bite before she was convinced. lol She did enjoy seeing the fish come up though..

So I never knew when my dad was a kid, he hated his name. lol. We’ve been calling Kyle -Kye to Hanna so she can learn to say his name.  He said there was a girl in his class named Kyle, so he used to tell people his name was Lee (His middle name is Leon)…He likes calling the baby Kye also cause it sounds like Tye which is what we call Tyler.

Hanna keeps calling him “de de” no idea what she is saying but she is consistent. Its not baby because she can say Baby and she can say Ky I have heard both.  So this must be something in “Hanna Language”.

Here are some great coupon links if anyone is doing coupons…I’ve been trying to print a few when we got to the store and reading about how to really make them work for your family and how you can get items to donate as well..These two are my favorites: hip2save.com  and thekrazycouponlady.com I’m going to try getting the Sunday paper too to see what coupons come in that. We’ve been doing “meal planning” for the month and it really saved us some this month. 🙂  I’ve also been going to church on Wednesdays where we are doing a series called “From Debt to Life” its been really interesting, the book is super easy to read and its super practical. I’m thankful for series like this, I think it something more churches should do.

Welp gonna go love on my babies and spend some time with Tye before he heads to work. Hope everyone has a great week!



One response to “wish i was napping..lol

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Glad to hear your Dad is doing well! Too funny about Hanna and the “Kix” cereal. 🙂 Hope you’re able to catch up on some sleep soon!

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