While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

Kyle is here…

on April 12, 2011

Kyle - 2011

hurray! He is here. Finally 🙂

We went in on the 7th at 7:30 to be induced and they were really on top of things. If you have ever heard Hanna’s Birthday story, it was ….an experience and not a great one. I can honestly say Reynolds was the complete opposite, I mean besides the pain of labor it was amazing. They have a great staff there.

I had to get 2 doses of antibotics before they could break water or do anything.  So at 10 they started Pitocin (I think thats spelled right),  and..I got to a 3 and stayed there until 5:30 ish when they broke my water. As soon as she broke my water she said..oh now your a 4..and it just took off from there. Kyle arrived at 7:49. I think I pushed for 20 minutes. Which was a shock compared to the 3 hours I pushed with Hanna.  They were a little worried because he wasn’t wiggling as much as they would like so I was on oxygen and eating popsicles. 🙂 So we were so happy when he came healthy in every way.

He was born on 4/7/11 at 19:49 , weighing 8 lbs 3 oz and 21 inches long. Smaller than his sister but longer than her..

Hanna was really excited to meet her new little brother. she has been so sweet with him. She likes to walk up to him and say “Hi” and gives lots of kisses. I cant get kisses sometimes but brother can! lol

He looks so much like Hanna when she was little…I know I shouldn’t compare them but it so hard!!

Kyle -2011

Hanna – 2009

Both sweet sweet kiddos, were super blessed. Thanks everyone for your congrats and prayers. Gotta get ready for Kyle’s first check up.  Should be interesting first time out as a family of 4! 🙂 I love it!

Have a Happy Tuesday, Amanda


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