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lets be honest, i wish they were napping

kyle eve

on April 6, 2011

its kyle eve! well we hope. were on the list for “elective induction”…elective huh? what a cute  way to put it.  lol. I have to call at 6am and if they don’t have a wing full of women having babies..I get to have mine! We go at 7:30,  since I’m group B strep I have to have 2 doses of antibiotics then we can get the baby show on the road. My most wonderful friend Heather is coming from Dallas to watch Hanna. I love friends who are like family. I know I won’t worry about her at all. Not that I would have worried if the original couple who was going to watch her was watching her (they are going to enjoy a fun baby shower for their little one coming in May, How fun!!)

This way I know she’ll be at our house with all her stuff, and hopefully it will be restful for Heather too since her little guy will be spending the next few days with his “Honey” (if you are looking for a grandma name that has got to be one of the sweetest i’ve come across).

So were putting the car seat in today, getting the pack n play set up in our room..making sure we’ve got everything, double checking all systems are go 🙂 Making sure my bag has all that I need, probably add some stuff for Tyler. Kinda nervous but really excited. At least I kinda know what to expect this time, and the midwife I’ve been seeing is the one who is in Labor and Delivery so that makes me the most happy. Granted she may be a whole different person when shes in L & D. I trust her, I feel like thats a good start.

So any last minute advice on going from 1 to 2 kids?? We are ALL ears!

Have a great Wednesday!



4 responses to “kyle eve

  1. Felicia says:

    Are you going natural? If so have them try and induce labor my breaking your water rather than pitocin right off the bat. Whew 1 to 2 is a whirlwind I’m not gonna lie it was tough for us. I never forgot to feed my precious baby Lilly her lunch, until her precious baby brother came : ) The day we brought him home was the day she stopped taking naps. After I had Brayden someone told me something so obvious but something that I had never REALLY thought about. she said ” You are this baby’s Mom for a reason” It seems so simple but I never thought about it like that. God gave ME this child, he is not someone elses he is mine and I may never know why but I have to rest assured that no matter how many days it’s been since I’ve showered or peed w/ out an audience God has given me these babies to raise in the ways of the Lord. And to you yours! You will be great!! Congrats!!

    • aww thanks felicia! Yes, because of my back, there is no option of epidural and if I have a C-Section I have to be put completely under which is risky as well. and apparently I have a very inviting womb because both of my kiddos were late! lol 🙂 Even on the days when I have to potty with an audience I am so thankful that God has given me these two little lives to shape. 🙂

  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    I’m hoping it’s Kyle Day today! I’m glad you’re feeling good and hope your transition from one to two goes smoothly!

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