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3 days til d-day

on March 30, 2011

so were 3 days away from our due date today..not including today..lol.

We are due on April 2nd, however I doubt this baby will come on this day. I’m ok with it. I really wish he would come on the 1st. Some might think thats really mean to wish an April 1st Birthday on a child. But I have a good reason my Great-Grandpa’s birthday was that day.

Back in the day when we were talking about when we would one day have children, Tyler and I really had no trouble picking out a boy name and a girl name. Lucky huh?

Our daughter is Hanna Nycole. His mom’s family name is Hannan. When you write it Hanna N. it looks like Hannan.  I was actually kinda surprised there were no Hanna’s yet. Thankfully! Her middle name is Nycole, like my sister who introduced us. In my family alliteration is the big thing. My siblings and I are: Amanda, Amy, Austin. My mom and her brother: Donald and Debbie. My cousin’s kids: Lily, Layla, Lyric. Well I hated being called Amy or everyone saying aww youre all A’s. yeah yeah yeah. So we decided that since Tyler has a Y in his first name, any boy in our family would have a y and since my middle name is Faye any girl would have a Y in her middle name, thus Nycole. I think it kinda makes it her own too.

So when we were talking about a boy name, I have always had the name Kyle Lewis after my Dad and after my great grandparents O. C. and Mary Lewis. Tyler’s fathers name is Lewis as well. I was so excited when we were dating and I found out they were spelled the same way!  How special for Kyle to be named after both of his grandfathers too they are both extremely great men he should be proud to be named after.

Kyle means Handsome too, which of course I just know he’ll be! lol. We can also call him Ky like we call Tyler, Tye.  I just think it would be neat if he shared the same birthday as my great grandpa. He passed away a long time ago but I have tons of fabulous memories in Cameron Texas with both of them. They would take us for weeks at a time during the summer, make blanket forts, make christmas cookies, being all snuggled up on the pull out couch when everyone came over early to go dove hunting, or playing while mom and dad were at the tank fishing.  The funny thing is, Lewis is not a biological family name for us. Nope. He was my grandpa by marriage; however, hes the only grandpa I ever got to know. I’m thankful for men and women who are able to do that. Love unconditionally, and embrace the families they have chosen to be a part of. I hope Kyle has the ability to love like Papa did.

Kyle is blessed to be named after his grandpas and great great grandparents. I hope that he finds his name special. I hope Hanna does too 🙂 I know some people their kids names have special actual meanings, I just hope our kids see how we tried to keep their names unique yet honor our families.

hmm just thinking this morning how i love my hanna bug and cant wait to snuggle my Kyle! How thankful I am for our dads too…

Hope everyone has a great day..can you believe march is almost over! went by so fast!!!



2 responses to “3 days til d-day

  1. Felicia says:

    Cute blog Manda, I enjoyed reading it!

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