While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

39 weeks 2 days and counting

on March 28, 2011

get this child out of me…seriously.


we went to joann’s yesterday because ..well there was a sell but  I believe it was more so because my husband loves me.  I needed something quick and simple to sew. Hanna has been growing like a little weed and we went through her clothes and there aren’t to many left!  definitely not to many shorts.  So I found this little pattern for 1.99 which isn’t bad when they are normally like $10-$15…crazy. I will never pay that much for a pattern, at least not for the level of sewing that I am at now.

so we got home, cut it out and this afternoon while hanna napped I sewed. it was so nice! not so nice to have her wake up and the shorts wouldn’t even go over her booty.  lol…so continues the search for a new shorts pattern. although no rush right now since it was 40 today…seriously oklahoma..PICK A SEASON!

its not finished it has two little bows for the top that need to be attached and the bottom needs to be hemmed, she needs to grow into it a little bit but for summer I think it is cute.  I also discovered today that gathers..I hate you. lol Its on the list of things I would like to master. I’m so disappointed because I wanted to make something and I guess my sewing is just off…yeah thats what it is…preggo hormones..lol So probably won’t sew anything until Kyle decides to come into the world..

speaking of babies coming into the world. we had our 39 weeks 2 day check up today. I got checked..and nothing.  Baby is still high, measuring 39 1/2, no dilation. awesome. lol. go back on the 4th, then after 40 weeks we get to go twice a week and then in week 41 (dear god please no week 41) they will induce. I would like to give Hanna a shout out for being a very well behaved little girl these past few weeks. Thanks You Jesus for a good little one. Although she seems to only want to sleep in her bed if the bathroom or hall light are on..guess who can’t sleep with those lights on.  we gotta get a night light. I’m thinking we need a Scentsey? is that how its spelled? a smell good one for the kids room right  by the diaper champ (which is the greatest invention!) and then a plug in one for the bathroom…gotta get to looking for those.

Diaper champ – like a diaper genie but you can use any trash bag you want and your room doesn’t smell! amazing. april gave us one at our shower and we’ve been doing a test run with Hanna’s diapers…highly recommend it if you don’t want to spend a lot on those special size bags.

so thats whats going on in the wescott house..hope you guys are having a great start to your week 🙂



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