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lets be honest, i wish they were napping

happy friday :)

on March 11, 2011

wow…I feel like this pregnancy has gone by so much faster than Hanna’s. Maybe I’ve just been busy, I don’t know. But now that our little family is growing there are things I want to do more as a mom/wife to help us prepare for being a bigger family…

I’m still toying with the idea of cloth diapers but I’m not going to pressure myself to start right away. I tend to do that. I feel like I have to do something right away. I don’t know even know what kind of skin that hes going to have, if hes going to be fine or super sensitive like Hanna. I do think it is something that we will eventually try though. We have a small stock pile of small diapers so that gives me more than enough time.

Couponing. I said it. Ok but I’ve seen like a bunch of photos of womens treasures of what they go and they only paid like $5…some of it did they need. but the great thing you can do is donate also. Which i am a big fan of.  So if anyone knows of any wisdom. I know it will take work, printing, clipping, organizing, actually remembering, multiple stores. But I think it would be worth it.

Small Patio Garden 🙂 this I am really excited about. We got a tomato plant and bell pepper plants and some seeds. 🙂 I really want us to start eating more fresh. We’ve stopped giving hanna canned fruit and fruit cups which is so much easier and cheaper but they are soaked in syrup. I’d rather her have fresh. I’d really like to learn a way to can or preserve them naturally. I also want to learn how to make fresh bread, but it kinda scares me.

And of course more sewing projects although right now I have time for ummm…none. lol

We are also going to make some meals and freeze them before baby kyle comes so any good recipes??? We were thinking Taco Soup, Chicken and Dumplins… Since its just going to be the two of us, want to make it easy. If you have a good recipe that can be frozen we are all ears!! Hope everyone has a great Friday!





2 responses to “happy friday :)

  1. Shannon says:

    Wow! You are brave to be thinking about cloth diapers! The thought of that scares me like crazy!!! But I do see the advantages.
    Ok I have an awesome Taco Soup recipe! It’s totally freezable. It’s also 2am (up feeding baby) so I will try and remember to email it to you later today.

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