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hospital bag

on March 7, 2011

so i am starting to think about packing my hospital bag…I figure 9 months might want to start doing that. Last time I took some crocheting..who was I kidding.  I did enjoy my phone games… I might smuggle a 6 pack of soda in there. Those nurses at Bliss weren’t so happy I wanted a soda (I love coke, it had been making me sick at the end of my pregnancy) I did drink water too!!

I know I will also need to pack Hanna a bag.  Neither of our parents will be here so she will end up staying at a new friends house. We have had 3 offers of friend who would watch her!! We are super blessed. 🙂 So I need to think about her bag as well because Tyler..sorry you are not leaving me buddy.

So for me..

I’m thinking just comfy clothes, brush, bath stuff (that was a glorious moment when I finally got a shower) so I want wonderful bath stuff lol, lotion, blow dryer, straightner, make up (just in case), pillow. I was thinking maybe some music??? any suggestions on that?

For Kyle:

1st jammie outfit, coming home outfit I bought him a onesie that says Little Brother and Hanna has a shirt that says Big Sister… I cant tell you how excited I am for that photo. I figured just normal diaper bag stuff and a few outfits.  Baby Book…they don’t do foot prints at bliss (fyi) so Im hoping we can either do our own or they will at Ft. Sill. I’d love to have them for Kyle.

With Hanna we were required to stay 3 days since it was my first and my back issues, numbness in my lef. I’m not sure how long they will require us to stay with Kyle. I did tell Ty we would be taking it easy when we get home. last time I was doing airport runs (went 3 times before Hanna was a week old!) and errands with him.  This time..there will be resting. I’m excited that he will be home with me.

So I thought I’d question the wonderful creative minds of the internet world to see any great hospital bag ideas…

In other news. I finally broke down and bought….cough syrup. I hate it with a purple passion. Why everything cant just be in pill form I’ll never understand, and the worse part I have to admit it is helping…lol Which i am thankful for. Just ready to not be coughing and this headache to go away..probably allergies and the stupid weather change…

Welp gonna go play with Hanna won’t have too many days where its just us girls 🙂 Love my little love bug! She now does head shoulders knees and toes…its freaking adorable!!

Have a great day!



2 responses to “hospital bag

  1. Brickhouse says:

    I’m working on my playlist to upload to my iPod right now. My bag is halfway packed and I’m only just beginning my 8th month! Lol.

    • better to be prepared. 🙂 I think i’ve been spoiled my husband normally always packs when we go on trips…kinda bummed to pack my own bag lol..can we say SUPER spoiled!! ha ha..congrats on your little one..wishing you all the best!

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