While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

Happy Valentines Day!

on February 14, 2011

So its Valentines Day Eve..Hanna wore her “My ❤ Belongs to Daddy” t-shirt, it fit her perfectly. 🙂 I think its safe to say that she has recovered from her little sickness (fingers crossed, knock on wood). Tyler has off tomorrow, I am “on call” so we shall see how many lonely hearts go rent movies, how busy they get if I end up going to work.  Really kinda hoping I dont, we are starting a new small group at church that begins tomorrow…so we shall see.

We are having a date night this coming weekend! So excited, seems like its been forever! Also the 23rd will be 3 years since Tyler asked me to be his “girlfriend”..awww. I love that man of mine. He is truly wonderful.

I thought I’d put up a fun Valentine Idea if you are looking for something to do for yours. We used to give “I love you because…” letters when I was in college to the different girls on our hall, just a note of encouragement. So often the words I love you are just a part of a daily routine and not really thought about…

Here are some examples for what I would do for Ty and Hanna;
Hanna, I love you because…

No matter how bad of a day I have had your smile lights of a room and makes everything better. I love you because you show me what unconditional love is, even when I have to scold you you still love me. You teach me to be careful what I do, because others are always watching my actions. You are the best ice cream buddy in the world!  🙂

Tyler, I love you because…

You always make me feel beautiful! this one is selfish but you are a fantastic cook. :), you go out of your way to bring me meals when I should have packed them before I left the house for work. You let me sew and craft. you always put our family first. I love you because you are always looking for the best for our family.

So I guess if I had a challenge it would be to not only do something for or with, those you love but take time to think WHY you love them, or heck even like them. I tell Tyler all the time, not only do I love you. I like you.

Hope your day tomorrow is great!



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