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lets be honest, i wish they were napping

1 down…8 to go

on February 3, 2011

so i finished cutting out the material…yay lol..miss hanna was trying to help too it was cute she would lay her entire body across the cutting board and material, so I gave her a little piece and she would place them in different places and then babble. Then if I cut a piece, I had to of course cut her piece. Although she wasn’t so happy I wouldn’t let her play with my rotary cutter. lol

I made one block there are 9 total…so here is the first one..

first block

what am I gonna put under this peek a boo flap???

It needs to be ironed.  I must must remember that ironing is a must when doing this.  Now the big question..what to put under this peek a boo flap…

There are 9 spaces to fill.  I was thinking I could do felt letters or I could numbers or shapes. Any suggestions? I figured if I made it with felt it would be a texture. Kinda excited about it now more since it will look semi grown upish and matches my living room colors but it will have a kid friendly aspect too…

It snowed here a whole 3″-4″ woohoo…i was actually surprised I wasn’t impressed. sad huh? maybe I’ve been married to my northern husband too long. 🙂 it was pretty though. They closed down post for 2 days so we have enjoyed having tyler home. hanna does love her some daddy time!

Her teeth are hurting her pretty bad we got some humphries that seems to help. I think part of it is shes just growing and changing too..even though Kyle isn’t here yet I think she feels that the change is coming.  Today i went to get a bowl to make queso..ended up re-organizing 3 cabinets in the kitchen..and they look so good! going to do the pots and pans tomorrow and maybe do a good scrub on the bathrooms or kitchen floor. …and my husband did ALL of the laundry so I could nest and sew. 🙂 What a  SWEETIE! I love him…:) so blessed!

Hope you guys are enjoying whatever weather you may having!



One response to “1 down…8 to go

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    That’s so cute, Amanda! What are you going to put under the flap? Clear vinyl pockets would let you change out pictures over time, or you could use a printer and make iron-ons out of family photos …

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