While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

Hanna’s Valentine Shirt

on January 26, 2011

So a break from cutting…I have had this pink shirt for a while I was saving it for her “big sister” shirt but I thought this was a cute shirt to use for Valentines day.

If you truly know my child you know there is one person who lights up her world (and mine) her daddy!! So why not let him be her valentine?

My Heart Belongs to Daddy!


Heres another view..

🙂 Cant wait til NEXT valentines day and I can make one that says my heart belongs to mommy for little guy!!! yippee!!

This one is a size 2-4..if anyone is interested in one for your little one, I can do it for $10..shipping included. If you want it to say something else like my ❤ belongs to grammy or etc. we can do that for ya too.

My assistant hard at work..lol...

Hope you guys are having a great …what is today? ha ha..I think its wednesday..yes it is..Have a great wednesday!



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