While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

a quarter cut out

on January 24, 2011

well I have 1/4th of the quilt cut out during naptime…which really isn’t that bad.  I love the material. I’m hoping I can get the rest cut out when little miss goes to bed. She had a crabby morning…but since her nap shes been pretty happy. We had a snack on the couch, which I really love when she just sits by me and is a sweet baby. 🙂

So..every so often I get spam comments on my blog, mostly like please check this website out..blah blah blah..I got one that was a spam website but whoever wrote it was really mean, said they hate my blog and it has no purpose and I’m a horrible writer. Well you sir, are a mean soul. Maybe its just a spammer. I know for lots of people their blogs have different purposes but mine is really just to connect with other crafters, brag on my family and share what I’m working on.  And an occasional melt down, that I usually retract. lol

I did find a few fun things for you today…

I review for BookSneeze®

I signed up for this, you review the books and write a review. I figured it would be a good naptime break when little Kyle gets here too since I’m sure my poor poor sewing machine will not get to be out for a while…not forever though.  I’m trying to read more too.  So we shall try with this first one…I’ll let you know how it goes.

and..there is a giveaway over at yes..the lovely Prudent Baby

Seriously..they are having the best giveaways lately, and even though I’m not the luckiest person. (I haven’t won anything) Its still fun to enter and I’ve found some great products and website so I’m not bitter. 🙂  This one might have to go on the wishlist..like we have room in our apartment, but it just looks like something amazing!

Well just wanted to check in..nothing crafty..YET, cause i’m cutting away! and now I’m off to eat some peter pan food that my darling daughter is preparing, were having a stay in our PJs day. I know I know super lazy can I blame it on being 30 weeks preggo???

Hope your Monday is great!




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