While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping


on January 20, 2011

well the amazing cool product i found (and followed the instructions too) didn’t work out quite like I planned. I’m still going to make my kiddos (I love saying I will have 2!) a quilt it just won’t have photos on it.  😦 Unless I can get super creative. When I cut out the squares for the photos they were crooked. 😦 mas triste. Thats the great thing about them being little and in utero..neither can be disappointed. ha ha!!

So there are the fabrics I’m really excited. Especially since Hanna has all of a sudden decided that blankets are way cool. She brings down a different one each time from nap you wouldn’t think that a 15 month old could insist on bringing it down… oh but she does

I got some  orange to go with it.  notice the sweet “helper” and hey even baby kyle got in the photo a little bit! 🙂 i’m gonna have my hands full!

Well we decided as crammed as we are and will be…we are going to put off moving for 6 more months and just do another lease here at the apartment. One less thing to stress about and we can use what we are saving for a deposit for more baby furniture…still searching for a white toddler bed if anyone has any ideas. I was thinking of getting a bassinet instead of using our pack in play..any advice? is it better? I was just thinking its smaller and won’t take up as much space and we will have the pack and play free for downstairs…

We had some snow this morning…mostly ice..its all gone now of course 🙂

Well little miss Hanna is ready for her dinner and I want to get cutting pieces so I better get off of here.  Hope everyone has a great rest of the Thursday!



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