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lets be honest, i wish they were napping

oh the joys of being mommy

on January 13, 2011

well ever since I finished the dress…I have been taking a break. lol.

But now.

I need to sew.

Tyler’s grandma got a Kindle for Christmas, I cut out pieces for a Kindle cover, something nice for her to keep it in so it doesn’t get scratched.  And something new for me try. I think the material is gorgeous however..I’m not sure what Grandma Hannan will think of it. It really reminded me of a vintage sheet kinda updated. Its green and has a paisley floral kinda background.  Mostly green. I’ll take some photos tomorrow. I thought I had some orange bias tape but now I think that would definitely be more me than Grandma Hannan. lol although I don’t think she would say if she didn’t like it even if she didn’t. She does a lot for her mother so I just want to do something nice for her when its not her birthday or christmas or etc. So…we shall see.

I think the new project from “the book” Handmade Beginnings maybe these little baby shoes. 🙂

so sweet! I also have a pattern for a cute dress that I think miss Hanna will end up with soon. She’s been such a good toddler today. I got a call at 12 saying I needed to come in before 430 to get my rogham shot…no stroller, right at naptime..I thought oh..good by naptime. To be honest I was irritated. Then I had to get the shot in my hip when last time I got it in my arm.  But Hanna snoozed a little in the car came home, she put away her shoes (shes never done that before it was super cute!) and went right to the stairs to go up and take her nap. The Lord was good to me! ha ha..shes been asleep about 2 hours now…so any moment. lol.  She let Tyler brush her teeth last night where sometimes she wants to do it on her own. He noticed 2 back teeth that have come in…which made the restless night sleeping make sense. Poor kid.

We do have a few things that I’m hoping to start with her before little bubba gets here:

1. the great adventure of potty training. am I too wishful thinking to even think about starting this process? Here is why we are thinking she may be ok to start:

-She will sit on her potty when I am in the bathroom, shes started grabbing her diaper when she is wet and will go to the diapers to get a new one if you ask if she needs to be changed,  she lays down on her own once you have all the supplies..

any advice? books, dvds? that you guys have done? I’ll take all advice.

2. the great switch from crib to toddler bed.  To me this one is more important than the potty training. but its also one that can be ok to wait a little while since Kyle will be snoozing the the pack n play for a few weeks. I moved Hanna to her crib at 1 month so I figure we will do the same with him. I know each kid is different. We still need to find a toddler bed. So far all I’ve seen are those toddler beds that have princesses…I just want a little white one.

3. possibly moving. Just into a bigger space.

4. taxes. kinda looking forward to this. also re-doing our budget to prepare for me not working for a few months.

so much to do so little time..

well I should go wake up little miss so she’ll be good for the baby sitter while I work and go down ok for daddy!

What are you guys working on these days?



2 responses to “oh the joys of being mommy

  1. Lisa B. says:

    My little advice.
    Potty training- don’t push it. She will go when ready. Positive encouragement helps a lot. See what motivates her, stickers, m@ms, whoopers, chocolate kisses, stars on a chart/chalk board, ect. We changed the way we worked with each kid, and sometime halfway through if it wasn’t working. Don’t stress, have fun. Try to get her on the potty everytime you go, or every hour. You can start just the morning or right before bed. Those were the times my kids were more likely to pee and therefore more motivated.
    toddler bed- I love how my kids beds don’t take up the space of a twin bed, which means more space for them to play 😉 I found 2 out of 3 of ours on craigslist.com. Just keep checking frequently to see if there is any new stuff. We paid less for the second two beds combined that the first one!

    I wish I had time to do projects like you…maybe I could if I spent less time on the computer looking at your blog and fb and just started something, but I’m enjoying catching up with friends and your projects (since it’s been about a month since I looked at your blog) If feels like it’s been about a month since I did something crafty and that was making letters for the kids walls.

    • thanks for all the encouragement and great advice! we got hanna a toddler bed on craigslist for 40 with the mattress, I actually think I saw it in one of your photos so I think we have the same one, its white and cosco. she likes to climb on it..now sleep on it..that is a different story. But we have worked her out of our bed which took about a week! stubborn little girl..ha ha..she still ends up there in the morning for about an hour but i’m ok with that. I think were gonna put the potty training off a bit until she can start learning some words, shes started babbling more and she cheers when I go potty 🙂 so I think maybe after baby brother comes she will be ready to attempt. Were still keeping her potty in the bathroom with us so its there.

      You have 3 kiddos! I”m sure you are super busy I’m so honored that you would even have time to read my blog lisa!! 🙂 I love hearing updates and seeing photos of your three on facebook. I wish we lived closer! i would love to have a mommy friend like you so close by! 🙂 love you friend!

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