While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

some crafty kid stuff link Love…

on January 4, 2011

well hanna’s felt food was a success. i like it so much better than the hard plastic food. although i know we will probably end up with some.  I definitely need to find a way to organize her kitchen stuff.. Her little kitchen came with oh I don’t know..about a million pieces.

Just browsing the net and found some great crafty kid stuff links..thought I’d share the wealth!



when I was reading this and looking at the photos all I could think was…I could totally do every one of those! Maybe not the “plastic bag” but its super cute!


A million links to DIY felt food..ok not a million but a lot 🙂 super cute stuff too!

Time cap


Super cute “Time Capsule Idea” probably better for older kids 🙂



Its a pillow to hid PJ’s…what a great idea 🙂 We always just put ours under the pillow…

🙂 Hope you and yours enjoy a crafty day! I have off tomorrow..so I WILL be doing some projects…Yay! I also went and bought my darling little daughter some training pants..we are going to attempt potty training by 16 months..thats my goal…just gotta get brave enough and come up with a plan! But these potty pants are oftly drab..we may have to spruce them up lol 🙂



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