While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

to my happy place

on January 3, 2011

Today I went here….

Joann Fabric and Craft Stores Home Page

..by myself..I think I stayed like 2 hours…lol I had $40 to spend..so much to choose from! So I got some broadcloth to make outfits for Hanna, even looked at Boy colors and tried to start dreaming up some stuff for baby Kyle. Now its going to be crazy hard to pick out fabrics! However, I was extremely disappointed with baby boy patterns. There is a world of opportunities there.  The whole 2 that I found I’m pretty sure he would hate me for life if I put him in them.

They are having a great sale right now though…McCall’s patterns 10 for .99 cents each. I got 2 patterns today that normally would have cost me around $30 from the new Spring book.  So if you are wanting some new patterns better hurry!

So I have my list and some new fabrics..I’m ready to go! But first….Big Brothers T-Shirts for some special boys this week. I will be sure to post photos!

We also went to one of Tyler’s happy places…

Where Hanna delicately dipped her chicken tenders in ranch and ketchup. It was the most adorable thing Ive seen, lately. Besides when she says “mommeeee” 🙂 that makes my heart melt. She is doing so much now.  She loves to mimic, which can be bad for us! lol

I’m trying to come up with some stuff and ideas for my online store! I decided this is the year. I have a lot of ideas, I was thinking about starting with some “Candy Heart” Bibs, like those cute hearts you see that say “Be Mine” “UR A QT”…I need to sew or craft something! I actually got some fabric to make a dress for me! I don’t usually do so well when it comes to outfits for myself but I’m going to conquer it. I tried to find some cute fabric for a quilt for Hanna and Kyle. I made Hanna this blanket before she was born in 09

So I want to make sure that Kyle has a special Mommy Blanket before he gets here and I’d like to make Hanna one for her “BIG” Girl bed and as a special present as becoming a member of the BIG SISTER club 🙂

Welp today started great and got crazy stressful and I still have some stuff we need to figure out to not make this week horrible but I’m thankful for my husband and great friends! Lots of plans for 2011…and lots of lessons! Learning to turn to the one who gives answers and guidance best and not lean on my own understanding!

Hope the year has started out well for you!



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