While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

bow tie

on December 20, 2010

so…I finished the cupcakes 🙂

cant wait to give them to her!


then I had some yellow left so I decided to make her some pasta…I made a few pieces and she was pretty excited. She  usually takes her snack into the other room and pours it from bowl to bowl while she eats it so i’m hoping that this will take away that fascination and she can “cook” with her pretend food 🙂

little bowties


Pretty simple to make too! Just cut strips with pinking shears and then however wide you want them, then you just make some little stitches in the middle. We found a little kitchen at Wal*Mart for $35…I think we will end up going back and getting it. Its just a little plastic one but we think that she will really love it and the height is perfect. Just gotta check the budget.

We head out on Wednesday for Illinois so I hope everyone has a great Christmas…if you are still looking for gift ideas…there are some over on Prudent Baby that have the tutorials with it…really cute ideas 🙂

http://prudentbaby.com/ 🙂

Happy Holidays!! Remember Jesus is the reason we celebrate the season!

The Wescotts


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