While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

sewing sewing sewing…

on December 17, 2010

my husband let me sew most of the evening…I had this burst of energy…and I cleaned the kitchen after he made dinner. :)I got to play with Hanna..I really enjoyed tonight 🙂 I know my schedule is about to go crazy so I’m glad I had tonight.

So what did I make..well I finished up some projects….

My sister asked for a little apron for her Ashley and a bib for Gabe…

For Gabey Baby

I bet she gets lots of Kisses!!

I also finished up the little cookies, finally remember the $1 bag of dried beans that have been holding me up…lol. Is it horrible that I got Hanna presents for Christmas from the housewares section instead of the toys. They had all these cute little kitchen pots and pans but lets be honest….shes just as happy with ours! So I got her a spatula to go with the cookies and apron, measuring cup, measuring spoons, plastic bowl…etc.. I think we are going to go get her a baby too..she said it for the first time tonight!! So sweet!

I know you guys are probably sick of seeing Aprons..lol. I made some for the babysitters niece and nephews I just did one sided and didn’t embroider them..I ran out of stitch and tear and they are 1,3,5 so I didn’t know if they would actually like it. I got Olivia some of the same houseware stuff I got Hanna. 🙂

Well I found a pattern for CupCakes/Muffins out of felt so guess what I’ll be working on tomorrow! : ) You’ll probably get sick of felt food post. I guess I’m that mom that when my child shows an interest in something I try to encourage her to the max! lol.

I also had an idea. We are limited on space in our apartment, so as much as I would love to get her a little kitchen we often pull out an ice chest for her to “cook” on. Well I was thinking I could make her a “stove top” blanket…where we can fold it up but put it on any surface and tada..she has her stove…I don’t know maybe thats silly. Any suggestions? thoughts? critics? 🙂

well little miss is crying…and its my turn..daddy’s done more than his share tonight!

Have a great Friday tomorrow!



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