While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

cupcakes <3 link to a free tutorial

on December 17, 2010

well I made hanna a cupcake 🙂 its so cute!!!


not to bad for my first one I think...

I do have a list of things I did wrong or that  I think I would make it easier…it really didn’t take that long for a hand sewn little goodie..only 5 more and we will have a full tray! yay! lol 🙂

Well I used this tutorial I found on wordpress…http://sewhipmama.wordpress.com/2010/02/02/felt-cupcakes/ and let me tell you her photos are WAY better than mine.  So I’ll let you hop over there for the tutorial.

The things I didn’t do that I wish I would have…

I didn’t cut the notch out of the liner so my cupcake is really fat. 🙂 lol

I didn’t put the cardboard in the bottom. I kinda wish I would have my bottom is all weird shaped…not that Hanna will care but I think it would have made it a better cupcake.

Things I did do that I will do again..

I have a ton of tiny scraps I held on to for some reason…I used those as my filling instead of polyfill. Recycle, yay me! ha ha…

I found another link on my friends facebook page, I think its super cool if you have older kids, although Hanna was pretty excited that Hanna was saying her name…shes got quite the ego for a 1 year old.  You can click on the link and see Hanna’s video from Santa 🙂 You can actually put their photo in there I didn’t realize it! Oh well next year!

Santa Claus has a message for Hanna

Hello Amanda!

Thanks to you, Santa has sent a video message to Hanna

To watch it, click here:

Did you know that this year is the first time that you can download Santa’s message to keep as a memento? Click here to purchase Hanna’s personalized video message from Santa.

Thanks for using the PNP – Portable North Pole console and Happy Holidays!

PNP Portable North PoleTM is a trademark of UGroupMedia inc.

Hope you have a beautiful Friday!




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